May 27, 2015


Earrings definitely take the number one spot for the most loved jewelry item when it comes to baby and children’s jewelry. Since earrings are usually worn for long periods of time they must be very comfortable, specifically if a baby or a toddler is wearing them. There is a wide range of different earring backings available; some of them are very easy to use, whilst others provide more safety for the earrings. Mothers considered screw back earrings as one of the most safety and comfortable earrings for babies, little girls and children.


As the name implies screw backs refer to an earring back that needs to be screwed rather than pushed into the backing (or post).  The earring post is threaded enabling the backing to be rotated until it is fully screwed onto the earring. The advantage is quite obvious: it is almost impossible for the backing to unscrew itself, so the screw back earrings will always remain in place and the backing won’t be easily lost. Mothers love screw back earrings since they don’t have to worry about loosing those precious earrings they specially bought for their princesses.


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