Baby Huggie Earrings – Petite and elegant

November 05, 2015

Baby huggie earrings can make your little one’s look delicately and elegant on any occasion. These pieces of jewelry can be given as a gift that will carry special meaning throughout your child’s life.

Huggie earrings for babies are small hoop-shaped jewelry that fit comfortably into the baby’s earlobe. The hoop is very short and cuffs the earlobe, making it impossible for the baby to pull the earrings out and cause injury to the ear. At In Season Jewelry, we have a huge collection of baby huggie earrings made from gold filled, gold plated, white gold filled, rhodium plated, sterling silver 925 and solid gold 18k.

Mothers have the option to choose jewelry pieces that feature colorful stones or have heart-shaped, flower shaped or animal shapes. Others parents prefer plain huggie earrings solely to give a delicate touch to their infants. Last but not least, always remember that our baby huggie earrings are nickel free and hypoallergenic so with In Season Jewelry your expectations will be fully satisfied :) 

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