Tips to Buying Jewelry for Babies or Toddlers

October 28, 2016

Tips to Buying Jewelry for Babies or Toddlers

Tips to Purchasing Jewelry for Babies or Toddlers

There is almost nothing cuter than a baby girl dressed to impress from head-to-toe, including the latest trends in jewelry. With the holiday season fast approaching, if you are looking for the missing piece to your baby’s holiday outfit (or looking for a gift for a baby), jewelry may be just it! Also, as your infant grows into a toddler and then a young child, jewelry can be an interesting way for her to play dress up, begin to dress herself and learn independence. On top of all of that, she will look adorable! When purchasing baby jewelry, here are some tips to follow to guarantee you will get the perfect piece.

Baby earrings are a popular choice because they are usually comfortable for infants and toddlers, and rarely picked at, because the child likely does not know they are there. For very young babies, the earrings should be of a single metal, rounded and edgeless. In Season Jewelry provides top-notch earrings for a little girl’s ear. All of the earrings are gold, sterling silver or fine metal plated and are adorned with gemstones or cute designs. For avoid any type of injury, the baby earrings sold by In Season Jewelry have screw backs and no medal sticks out further. Be careful not to screw the earrings too tight (but still securely) for your baby’s comfort.

A baby necklace may be just the right touch for your baby’s holiday dress; nothing completes a fancy dress like a beautiful necklace. Gold, silver and fine metal plated are perfect options for a baby necklace, as the higher quality metals will not bother your baby’s skin. Pendants such as flowers, teddy bears or hearts add a cute charm to a baby necklace. Religious symbols, such as crosses, make popular gifts, especially for christenings. Please remember that if you decide a necklace is just what you need to complete your little princess’s look, be sure to strictly supervise her while she has it on to avoid tugging and pulling of the chain.

A baby bracelet is a very popular item as they add a nice touch to your baby’s tiny wrist. Take care to purchase bracelets with no sharp edges or points and stick to gold, silver or fine metal plated jewelry to avoid skin irritation. Bracelets can be solely a chain or bangle, or have design or dangling pieces. Popular items are baby pearl bracelet, hearts, flowers and colorful beads, or ID bracelets.

Insure that all of the jewelry you purchase for your child, or another child, is hypoallergenic as baby skin is sensitive. Avoid cheaper materials, and of course, lead. If purchasing a necklace or bracelet that the child will see, purchase jewelry with bright colors that will visually stimulate your baby. Little girls love dressing up; starting them with jewelry while they are infants will drive this precious passion of little girls and get their minds thinking creatively. In Season Jewelry has just the right products for you to begin your little princess’s collection today!

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