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10 Famous Children With Pierced Ears

by Monica Mitchell November 27, 2018

10 Famous Children With Pierced Ears

The concept of piercing a baby's ears sounds like a normal thing to do for some parents, but it can be a bit of a controversial issue for others. In truth, there's no harm in piercing a baby's ears so long as the procedure is done by someone who's experienced in working with babies and the parents know how to care for a new piercing.

However, whether this is something that "should" or "shouldn't" be done is up to each parent to decide. Many parents around the world have their babies' ears pierced, and plenty of celebrities have done this, too. 

Here are 10 of the most well-known famous children with pierced ears.

1. Stormi Jenner

The most recent A-list mother who has gotten backlash for deciding how to raise her baby is Kylie Jenner. In a recent video she posted of herself and daughter, Stormi, on Instagram, the baby is seen with pierced ears.

Since then, commentators have gone to Twitter and various Instagram fan accounts to share their opinion on the matter. Some are against the piercing while others are in favor of it, and their reasoning varies widely.

At the end of the day, though, Stormi has one mother. Ultimately, it's up to Kylie to decide how to care for her baby -- the privilege every mother should have without fear of other parents' judgment.

2. North West

Arguably, a mother should learn her parenting skills from her close family and friends. Many Kylie fans seem to have forgotten that North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has her ears pierced.

It seems to be a Kardashian family tradition, if not an influence of their Armenian heritage. Not to mention, it makes sense for women known for their impact on the fashion and beauty industry to raise young ladies who are ready to look their best as they enter the limelight.

3. True Thompson

Another Kardashian baby with a bit of glam on her ears is True.

True is the youngest of all the Kardashian cousins, but she's right on-trend with all the other kiddos in the family. Khloe has shared a few images in which True has her ears pierced.

4. Vivian Lake Bundchen

While Kylie Jenner is the mother who's most recently been under fire regarding baby piercings, she's definitely not the first. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's daughter, Vivian Lake, was only five months when she had her ears pierced. She's now almost six years old.

Her mother's piercing decision was done in true Brazilian fashion, as this is a widely popular thing for Latin American mothers to do. Surely, her close friends and family had no say on the matter other than support and admiration, although some onlookers didn't feel the same way.

5. Chanel Nicole

Chanel Nicole, daughter of Ice T, also had her ears pierced at a young age. Considering her father and her mother are both known to wear a few pieces of bling of their own, it makes sense for Chanel to take on this family aesthetic from an early stage. 

6. Zahara and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Up next on the list are Zahara and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. While the recent Brad and Angelina split shows that there's been some trouble in paradise, getting the girls' ears pierced was probably pretty low on the list of issues the family has had.

The Jolie-Pitts are known to be one of the more eclectic celebrity family units. As far as piercings are concerned, though, this is on the normal side of things for parents -- celebrity or not -- to do.

7. Carmen Gabriela Baldwin

Carmen Gabriela is the oldest of all the Baldwin children from actor Alec Baldwin's second marriage. She's also the only girl that Alec and Hilaria have together. The couple pierced her ears from an early age and she's been sporting all kinds of baby studs ever since.

Who knows, she may even grow to follow in half-sister Kim's footsteps! She also has her mother's style secrets to follow, which isn't a bad path to take as far as fashion choices go.

8. Monroe Carey

Mariah Carey's baby Monroe is definitely not a baby anymore, but it wasn't going to be much longer until Mariah got her ears pierced. At five years old, Mariah took Monroe for her first set of ear piercings. Time will tell if she'll stick with the classic one hole look or go back for more!

9. Dream Kardashian

As if the Kardashian sisters don't get enough media attention, Rob Kardashian's immediate family is a point of interest for the paparazzi, too. Daughter, Dream, was photographed with her ears pierced and started a bit of controversy just as her cousins have done.Â

10. Majesty

Rihanna has no kids of her own yet, but she's definitely got the whole "being an aunt" thing down. She recently took her niece, Majesty to get her ears pierced with mother, Noelle, present.

It's something that many mothers and aunts across the world do, but of course, it's more of an interest when celebrities do it. Rihanna proudly posted a picture of her and her niece together which quickly opened the floodgates for all kinds of comments to roll in. The opinions shared on her Instagram post's comments section were a mix of positive and negative.

At What Age Should Your Kids Get Pierced Ears?

It's one thing to decide where you stand on the matter of getting your daughter's ears pierced, but it's a different story when you start thinking about which age is the "right" age.

Should your daughter already have pierced ears by the time she's five years old? Is it better to get this over with when she's still less than 12 months? The decision is ultimately up to you; it's what kind of jewelry you buy your babies that matters more.

You have to make sure your daughter's earrings are hypoallergenic and that the piercing is done by a professional. Use this buying guide to help you understand everything you need to know about baby jewelry.

Monica Mitchell
Monica Mitchell

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