Best Earrings for Babies

Posted on 30 August 2017

Best Earrings for Babies

There are a few things to take into account when buying baby earrings or earrings for toddlers such as safety and comfort, not just cute motifs and patterns that one usually thinks about when they think of cute babies. There are many different styles of earrings as you may already know and own yourself, but which ones are the best earrings for toddlers and babies? Here at, we’ve dedicated a lot of time to researching the safest styles of earrings for toddlers. Our personal favorite and safe style for active young ones? Safety screw back earrings. 

What are Screw Back Earrings?

As their name implies, these are earrings whose post twist into a closed backing like a screw into a precut hole. To put these on your baby or toddler, simply slide the post through her ear piercing and line it up with the backing, then simply twist it on for a secure and comfortable fit. Since they do not endlessly screw on, you don’t have to worry about putting the screw back earring on too tightly, and with this type of fit you don’t have to worry about the backing becoming a potential hazard for your baby; these are earrings that toddlers can't take off by themselves. Here at In Season Jewelry, we have a wide and adorable selection of baby screw back earrings available for any style and theme with our own unique threading that is exclusive to our designs. These are likely the safest earrings for toddlers, but there is another style that make good earrings for babies and toddlers. Let’s look at another safe style of earrings for babies we that love, safety studs.

Baby Earrings Screw Back

What are Safety Stud Earrings?

Similar to our friends the screw backs, safety stud earrings are also good earrings for toddlers. With this style, you simply push a round and flat backing onto the earring post until you hear a “click,” and with that the earring is secure on your baby’s ear - almost identical to screw back styles. These are very safe earrings for toddlers who love to run around and be active, preventing the earring from falling out while they’re on the playground. This is a style you’re sure to love and look out for whenever you’re searching for children’s earrings on our site.

What about Butterfly Back Earrings?

This is the most common type of stud earring, and one that you’ll immediately recognize. This is the one where the backing loops back onto itself looking like a little butterfly hence the name butterfly back earrings. You likely own a few pairs yourself already that have this style of back. Butterfly back earrings for babies are widely used and considered perfectly safe even without the extra fastening methods employed by the other styles of baby earrings above. Simply slide the post through the opening of the backing until you feel her tender little lobe against it and you’re good to go. We recommend these type of earrings for older girls who won’t hurt themselves removing an earring.

Baby Earrings Stud

What are Huggie Hoops?

These cute earrings for toddlers are small hoops that “hug” the ear with their smaller than typical diameters hence they’re “huggie.” By sitting nice and close to the ear lobe, they are less likely to get caught in fabrics and blankets or be pulled by mistake when your baby waves their hands around in play and exploration. Huggie hoop earrings for babies are a very popular style of earrings for toddlers, with their comfortable and secure fit. Most are fastened with a tight safety latch that won’t come loose on its own, but there are huggie hoops that are on endless backings as well that are also very secure to wear.

What about for Sensitive Skin?

Now that we’ve looked at some popular earrings styles for toddlers, what are some of the best materials to look out when buying baby earrings? Often times, babies and toddlers have sensitive skin since they’re new to the world. Sometimes this translates into them having reactions and allergies to subpar materials and metals. Some of the safest earring materials you can use for your baby’s earrings are sterling silver, solid gold, gold plated metals, and rhodium plated metals. All of these materials have been proven safe for sensitive skin by scientists and can create hypoallergenic earrings that your baby won’t react to unless they’re genuinely allergic to metals (which can disappear as she grows up). In Season Jewelry strives to produce the best earrings for toddlers so we craft our baby earrings in these safe metals for your peace of mind. We have a 14-day money back guarantee that comes with all our baby and toddler earrings so you don’t have to second-guess yourself about the style, comfort, or fit of any of our earrings, but we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with these, the best baby earrings on the market.

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