My Prince Did Come His Name is Daddy Pink Photo Heart Locket Necklace for Girls 16"

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Necklace Size Chart

How to Determine your Correct Necklace Size?

Figuring out what the right necklace length to buy can be difficult. It basically is determined by your choice of where you want the necklace to lay on your body. You can choose something short which will allow the necklace to serve as a chocker or lay on your shoulder blades, or you can go with something long that will reach your belly button.

Necklace length for toddlers and children is relatively easy because there are not that many options available in the industry. For the most part, the smallest size necklace available for kids is 16" long. Depending on the age and size of the child, the necklace will fall at slightly different positions.

Determining the correct necklace size for a woman is a little more detailed, but still very simply determined by where you want the necklace to lay on your chest. Common sizes are from 16" for a chocker, all the way to 24" for a necklace that will drop to your abdomen level. The most typical size for women is 18" which will allow the necklace to drop at mid chest level.

We've put together a handy conversion chart from inches to centimeters in case you need further clarification on the equivalent lengths in different parts of the world.

Necklace Length (inches) Necklace Length (centimeters)


40.6 cm


43.1 cm


45.7 cm


48.2 cm


50.8 cm


53.3 cm


55.8 cm


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A great way to represent the unique bond between a father and his daughter, a beautiful heart locket necklace with the inscription "My prince did come his name is Daddy!", it includes a 16 inches (40cm) chain and is packed in a complimentary gift box. This beautiful heart shaped photo locket is the perfect gift for your little girl, it keeps up to 2 pictures that will stay close to her heart.

  • My Prince Did Come His Name is Daddy!
  • Heart Locket Necklace Photo Pendant
  • Silver Tone - Brass
  • Age Group: Fits Toddlers, Little Girls and Young Teens
  • Heart Lockets are Great Gifts for Toddlers or Young Girls; Gift Box Included
  • Locket Size: 1.1 in. W x 1.18 in. H (28mm x30mm)
  • Chain Length: 16 inches (40cm)