Screw Back Earrings For Babies And Kids

May 27, 2015

Screw Back Earrings For Babies And Kids


Children’s fine earrings can become quite expensive, especially when you have a very active daughter who is unfortunately constantly losing one or having them fall off of her. To solve this issue,Screw back earrings were created in the early 1900s and were most prevalent in the 1950s. Screw backs can hold in place any sized earrings as long as the screw threads are well matched with the earring size. Old-fashioned screw backs were the answer to this constant issue.

Children are more susceptible to losing an earring in a crowded place. Girl's screw back earrings are what will work the best for them in these situations. 

The most common question put forth by parents when shopping for earrings for babies is how long will the earring stay on their gentle ears. If earrings are tagged with screw-backs then they are almost always safe for your babies. Since they don’t need to be pushed suddenly but rolled forward slowly, they cause fewer incidents of lacerations from earring backs in children.

They are also gentle on the baby’s ears while they are asleep. Screw backs prevent poking because of the rounded closure at the end of the screw. Since they are smaller and quite often discreet than most other earring backs, they are quite safe for your baby. 

Screw back diamond earrings for babies are a gift parent’s love

Children getting trained in sports and athletics can always wear their favorite diamond stud earrings screw back screwed safely in place. The screw backs are known to rarely cause an accident behind your child's ears. They also lead to the least number of infections.

Screw-backs are a secure way to latch your precious earrings. It is one of the most widely used choices for diamond and gold earrings to date. To take them off, you simply need to unscrew them gently out of your ears. They go well for all, especially for kids. However, they need frequent cleanings since the sebum and the oil often create dirt that gets stuck in the screws. 

In some cases, the earring backs can become slightly stripped or cross-threaded and that can turn them on automatically. Frequent latching and unlatching mechanism can also wear off the screw threads and the stripped screw can require a timely replacement. One caution would be to frequently check your screw backs to prevent losing them before you even know it.

Depending on the size of your ear piercings, there might be some friction when screw backs are bought with readymade pairs. Most often if you ask the jewelers to create a pair for you, they can take care of this small glitch easily. 


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