Beautiful Baby Jewelry

August 03, 2016

Beautiful Baby Jewelry


Kids jewelry looks lovely when worn by an adorable little baby. Beautiful baby jewelry is the most meaningful and exclusive gift ever for a boy or girl of any age. But have you got any idea about ideal jewelry items that can be given away to kids? Even before that, do you know the factors you need to consider when buying jewelry for kids? A plethora of options are there in the market. This can make it difficult for you to choose one that you can give to your child on a special milestone or occasion. Some ideas that can help you out in making the right choice are as follows:

Necklaces and Gold Chains

A necklace or a kids gold chain is the perfect present for grade school children. These items are not just easy to wear but also adorn the different outfits of a baby. If you are going for a necklace, try choosing a monogram or personalized one. You can even have your child's initials or a name designed or engraved into a beautiful and exclusive pendant.

And yes, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on this beautiful purchase. You can easily get hold of some of the most affordable and stunning pieces your kid will surely love.


Yet another option is going for kids gold rings. Of course, kids gold jewelry is for older children, and rings would make the perfect gift in this category. There are options available in playful and colorful designs and even the ones that feature birthstones. Monogrammed gold rings will also be a great idea.


If you are on the lookout for little girls jewelry, earrings would be the right option for you. Right from infancy, baby girls can have different varieties of studs. Earrings make the best girls jewelry because they are available in different styles and designs.

There are personalized jewelry for kids available in this category, along with designs in different interesting shapes. Earrings for girls are also available in pretty birthstones or gemstones and cartoon characters. Speaking of styles, you can give your little angel dangling or tiny hoop earrings if you want something different from regular studs.


Bracelets make the best kids accessories, and they are one of the sweetest ways to help children remember special occasions in their lives. You can go for charm bracelets or the basic bracelets available for girls. Simple bracelets bought initially can easily be accessorized with beautiful and cute charms representing certain achievements and occasions in your child's life.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Jewelry for Kids

Whether you are looking to buy a bracelet, an armlet, a ring, an earring, or a complete kids jewelry set, there are certain guidelines you need to factor in so you make the right purchase. The factors are as follows:


First and foremost, safety is the most important prerequisite when buying jewelry for kids. As for metals like gold, silver, and titanium, it is important to ensure safety, but the safety factor becomes even more crucial when buying kids costume jewelry or kids birthstone jewelry. It is always a good idea not to give necklaces to toddlers and infants. Children above 6 years of age are best for such gifts. And when it comes to gifting earrings, make sure to go for the ones that come with screw-back posts, so they are comfortable for your little one.

Hoop earrings can also be a good gift but always go for those that fit snugly so they will not yank off. Reserve the idea of gifting bracelets and rings for older children. That's because the little kids tend to use their hands in doing activities. So, the rings might get damaged very easily and even break. The same is the case with bracelets that can get pulled off accidentally.

Choose Hypoallergenic Materials

The little ones can easily react to different metals, and the reaction can be pretty serious if the kids sweat a lot. Hence, it is important to ensure sticking to original metals like gold. At the same time, ensure buying kids' jewelry and even kids jewelry box from stores known for selling hypoallergenic items. This kind of jewelry is perfect for little children who can have sensitive skin.

It is also important to stay away from cheap items because they will not be made of genuine materials available in affordable quality. They will usually contain nickel that can take a toll on the sensitive skin of a child. It's always best to choose kids' jewelry made of stainless steel, high-karat gold, solid gold, sterling silver, and original pearl. Furthermore, you can even go for other metals provided they are nicely plated. Above everything else, you must not take any chances with the health of your little one.

Again, the material used for making kids' jewelry should not have anything elastic as the child will easily rip it off. Bracelets with several stones, for example, can be very dangerous because if the child manages to break them, there are chances he or she will swallow the stones on them.


The safety and the comfortability of your child should be your topmost priority when choosing kids' jewelry. You must always have in mind that children love to move and play. Hence, before verging on to buying a piece of jewelry for them, ensure they are comfortable with it even while moving and playing around.

The best is to go for items that can be used regularly. Reserve the more expensive and fragile pieces for special and grand occasions when you are present to supervise your child more closely.


Choosing jewelry for yourself is one thing, and picking that for your child is another and probably a huge thing. You need to be more careful and avoid going for pieces that can pose a threat to your child's safety. Safety should be your greatest concern even when you are buying simple kids jewelry box personalized.

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