Caring for your huggie earrings

January 06, 2022

Caring for your huggie earrings

Huggie earrings are a wonderful understated fashion accessory that are always on trend. You can never go wrong with a simple huggie to accessorize your daily outfits. Because they are often created with a minimal design and structure, they are often overlooked when it comes to caring for them properly. 

Taking care of your huggie earrings are not only important in adding years to the pieces, but it also acts as a preventative measure in regards to your delicate skin; by minimizing the possibility of getting a rash or an infection on your ear lobes.

Whether it's a simple no-piercing huggie or the all-time favorite huggie hoop earrings. 

Here Is a List of Easy Yet Effective Practices That Can Help Your Huggies Last a Lifetime…

Handle With Care

Huggie Hoops for pierced ears often come with hinged clasps that need to be clicked open and shut closed. Diamond / gold huggie earrings often come with these hinged clasps for better securing. What you need to do is apply very little pressure while opening and shutting the clasps so that they don’t bend or break. Repairing your earrings is always an option, but why take the trouble when handling with care can keep your huggie in its best shape.

The Right Way to Open Hinged Clasps 

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to click posts open in huggie earrings? Certain posts open inwards while there are those that open outwards and certain others can be opened both ways. Always ask your jeweler / online shop if you are having a hard time, which way your huggie hoop earrings open so that you don’t end up breaking them by trying to force it on the wrong side. 

Taking Your Diamond Huggie Earrings To Bed? Think Again

Huggies are by far, the best sleep-compatible ear adornments. However, if they are encrusted with stones like diamonds or any semi-precious / non-precious stones for that matter, you must be cautious about the prongs that are holding them in place. If the prongs are not set properly, they may latch on to the pillows / sheets yanking out the stones and hurting your ears.

Well known jewelers always ensure encrusting huggie hoop earrings with stones, seamlessly. They may be a little towards the heavier side in terms of cost, but the quality justifies the expense.

Sanitize Your Huggie Hoop Earrings Regularly 

You may not have taken them off for weeks; you may have showered with them every day for a month or two… but this does not mean your huggies are free of dirt. Because huggies sit snug on your lobes, it can accumulate grime very easily. 

With barely any space left between your skin and the metal, it is possible that your lobes develop rashes or minor infections when the grime is left in contact with your skin for a long time.

Week-long application of OTC ointments can easily help your infections get better.

One of easiest ways to clean yourhuggie earrings whether 18K, 14K gold huggie earrings, silver or precious stone encrusted pairs is to soak them in gentle soap water and lightly brush them with a soft toothbrush. Wipe them dry with soft microfiber cloth that can add shine to your earring. 

While sanitizing baby huggie earrings, you need to be extra cautious. Refrain from using harsh chemicals and polishing agents and stick to the ‘luke-warm water and soap’ basics. 

Jewelers are always the best bet when it comes to maintaining your precious pieces. It may cost a little but you can be assured about the safety and longevity of your huggies. 

Final Thoughts

Huggies earrings will never go out of style. So, if you care for them the right way, you can pass them down to the next generation. 

Do you have huggie earrings that have become your wardrobe staple? Do share with us how you care for them 😊 



July 29, 2015

Hello Heidi! Just letting you know I am ftaeuring you in my Friday 50+ tutorials round-up. Stop by and spread the word if you feel like it.xoxo,Johnnie


December 18, 2014

Huggies earrings are great
they’re very comfortable, very secure and easy to put in. They’re even comfortable enough to sleep in.

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