Baby Earrings: Add some sparkle to your little diva

July 20, 2016

Baby Earrings: Add some sparkle to your little diva

Babies are considered a blessing from the moment they come to our lives. They are a smaller version of us. Some parents are very aware of what their children use, how they look and the accessories they wear. Baby jewelry is considered nowadays almost essential for parents. Many newborns and infants have pierced earrings and this tradition is becoming more and more popular in America.

Also, young children love to wear fancy and stylish jewelry and they love to choose between styles, designs and colors. Parents are more concerned in safety and non-allergic reactions to the baby. So it’s always good to reach the exact balance between what children want and what’s appropriate and safe for them.

It’s important to highlight that some parents prefer screw back baby earrings or safety backs since they won’t easily come out and will keep safely in place. It’s always important to remember that baby jewelry should always be used with proper care and with the supervision of an adult. Small earrings represent a choking hazard for the infants so they always should be used with proper care. Other parents prefer hoop or huggie comfortable earrings for little girls and newborns. These earrings are more comfortable than screw back earrings but could be removed by children. Other baby earrings have stud backs or simply butterfly backs. Those earrings are nice and easy to use but should always used under parent’s control. As you know, a butterfly back is not as secure a safety screw back pair of earrings.

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Sharon Fricks

July 22, 2016

Your blog is great and we love you baby jewelry! Will definitely purchase more for my granddaughter! Thanks InSeasonJewelry!

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