April Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

March 25, 2023

April Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

What is the birthstone for April and what do they do to the wearers? 

These are the fewbirthstones an April born can wear. Like every month, April too has two zodiacs or Sun signs. Those born before the 19th of April are all Aries Sun signs and those born after the 19th of April are Taurus by Sun sign. But those born between the 17th of April to the 22nd of April fall on the cusp of Aries and Taurus which means they have qualities of both an Aries and a Taurus in them.

In this segment, we will find out more about thebirthstone of an April Aries, Taurus, and the cusp born. Also, we will tell you which stone can be worn by all April born.

Birthstones for April Aries

The birthstone for April Aries will be diamonds, bloodstones, and jasper.

  • Diamonds are known for their cut, clarity, brilliance, and sparkle. They represent the birth and its brilliance so going with a diamond and keeping a diamond close to the Aries born in April can shower them with brilliant ideas and vision.

The compact carbon structure is how we are at birth and our cohesive forces start dispersing with age. To hold the forces together a diamond would work for them.

  • Bloodstonesare a red and greenish stone that suits their Martian nature. Known to purify the blood, a bloodstone can enhance their stamina and keep their blood clean of impurities and lower energy levels.
  • Jasperis another red and green stone. The red and green color emitted by the stone reaches an Arian body and blesses them with vigor. Additionally, when an Aries cannot halt their speed, the Jasper grounds them down working as a grounding stone for them.

For the Taureans born in April, you could try these.

  • Jade
  • Green aventurine and 
  • White Topaz 

These few birthstones for April can work wonders for their wearer. Even though Jade is ruled by Mercury but due to its grounding effect, Taureans can use it to control their wayward spirit.

Those born in this cusp have a different set of birthstones contrary to the belief that they can wear anything that suits the wearer of that month.

The cusps of April should try the 

  • Golden Topaz, 
  • Fiery Rubies, 
  • Violet Amethyst, and the 
  • Greenish Blue Aquamarines 
  • These are the stones that will suit the energy levels of an individual born with the qualities of both Fire and Earth. These stones will ground their negative traits and enhance their positive traits immeasurably.

    Now that you know it all, go choose your April birthstone. Make sure you figure out the one that resonates with you the best.

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