July Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It For Your Baby

January 28, 2023

July Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It For Your Baby

The month of July is named in memory of the great Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. He was known to have been born in the fifth month of the Roman calendar earlier known as Quintilis. But when Julius Caesar died, Quintilis was renamed July to honor the birth of the great king. If you wish to know what would be yourJuly birthstone, you must first know a bit more about the Zodiac arrangement over the months.

Children born in the first three weeks of a month are usually assigned a separate sun sign from the ones born roughly in the last seven to ten days of the month. Children born in the first part of the July month belong to the Cancer sun sign and by the 21st of July, the sun migrates to the zodiac sign, Leo. Anyone born in this half will be a Leo by their sun sign. There is also something called the cusp that governs the fate of those children born somewhere from the 17th of July to the 23rd of July.

Cancer is a Water cardinal sign and Leo is the Fire fixed sign. Someone born in the cusp will have the properties of both the zodiac signs. Thus,birthstones for July will differ according to the sun signs under which they are born.

Prime July Birthstones

If you wonder what the birthstone is for July,

  • For Cancer zodiacs the planetary lord is Moon and they are the cardinal Water signs. If you have a Cancerian near you, gift them pearls to enhance their power. Though pearls are not natural gemstones, the natural varieties are treated as July birthstones as they are blessed with the properties of water. Pearls will also enhance the artistic side of your child. Make pearl July birthstone rings and July birthstone necklaces for your Cancerian child to give them that extra bounce they are waiting to have in their life.
  • Leos are the fixed Fire signs born during the heavy rains of July, and their July birthstone color is usually red or yellow. If you want to see them succeed, try gifting them rubies or tiger eye as their July birthstones. Born in the rains, their energy can be a bit sappy, and to cheer them up and shake off their clouds, gift them the various shades of fire.
  • The next question that needs to be answered is what is the July birthstone for the children born on the cusp? When fire and water mix as elements, each tends to extinguish the weaker force within them and thus Nature calls them each other’s enemies. If both these properties come together in a single individual, there can be chaos within them. 

But, once you tame and balance their forces, you will help align the Yin and the Yang inside them. What rises from the union of fire and water is a strong creative force that sweeps the world with various changes. 

  1. Sardonyx is powerful as it carries the power of Mars within and is a stone that can benefit their opposing forces. 
  2. Alternately try Turquoise to help blend their forces as this stone is ruled by Jupiter. 
  3. You can also give them sapphire that has the properties of both fire and water within them and an alternative to sapphire will be lapis lazuli. The golden specks in the brilliant blue can balance their inner forces very well with Jupiter ruling the stone infinitely.

These are some of the birthstones for the July born that can set them on their path and guide them through their life. Try the suggestions and you can create brilliance in the path of your child.

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