Christening And Baptism Gift Ideas For Your Little One

June 25, 2022

Christening And Baptism Gift Ideas For Your Little One

Baptism and christening are two momentous occasions in the life of a new human. For an observance so holy, the presents should be just as significant. That’s why, while choosing the perfect christening and baptism gifts for your little one, uniquely crafted baptism jewelry is the first that should sparkle in your list. 

Stealing the hearts of parents worldwide, here are some of the top baptism gift ideas that you couldn’t possibly go wrong with…

Christening & Baptism Gift Ideas

Engraved Bracelets

Elegant and minimal, there is a distinct charm about engraved bracelets making them perfect for yourbaby’s baptism. With top kids’ jewelry brands, you can have these bracelets personalized with the name of your baby, date of baptism, name of holy angels, protective prayers and more to make it something like a talisman to guard your precious little one now and forever.  

Holy Cross Ear Studs

Simple yet impactful; solid metal or gem encrusted; tiny little holy cross earrings make greatbaptism gifts for goddaughters. And yes, parents can gift them too! All that you need to take care of is to choose earrings that are…

  • no more than 3mm in size 
  • within 1 gram - 1.5 grams in weight 
  • crafted in strictly hypoallergenic metals like 14K to 18K Gold, sterling silver or titanium
  • designed with safe securing like screw backs or butterfly backs

Personalized Pendants / Necklaces

Necklaces and pendants have symbolized boons and blessings through centuries. They are therefore one of thebest baptism gifts that will never lose its relevance. Thanks to inspired jewelry designers, you can choose from thousands of different pendants to go with the necklace ranging from Holy Cross and Angels to Holy symbols, lucky charms, initials and so much more.

However, to keep things safe for the little wearers, always make sure that the…

  • links are gentle so that they don’t cut into the baby’s delicate skin
  • length remains within 8” to 12”
  • chosen metals are hypoallergenic
  • the pendants are sturdy and without any sharp edges


Medallions make meaningfulbaptism gifts for boys and girls. Very often, they look and feel antique as though they have come down straight from the biblical days. Mostly preferred in precious metals and gems, you can also get them in titanium and stainless-steel without compromising on the looks and the symbolism. 

If you are looking for last minute baptism gift ideas, be assured, you will never go wrong with medallions. 

Individualized Pins and Brooches

Featuring high in the list of popularchristening gifts, pins and brooches make great alternatives to baptism jewelry in a more conventional sense. In fact, these are least intrusive jewelry options given that they are pinned to the clothes and thus, seldom come in contact with the skin of the little wearers. Available in innumerable designs and metal options, they can be amply personalized to suit the individuality of the little wearers.

Final Thoughts

Baptism gifts and gifts for baby's christening are special. Therefore, it is always wise to do your homework before making your purchase, because it could be one of those gifts that your child would hold dear for the rest of their lives.

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