First Communion Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Baby

February 19, 2022

First Communion Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Baby

The day of the Holy union of your child with Jesus Christ… The First Communion is incredibly special. This is one of those moments of awakening that parents often feel impelled to preserve for all the right reasons. What better way to preserve the memories of this immensely significant day than withfirst communion jewelry as commemorative gifts for your children. 

A little shimmer, a little shine… goes a long way to make your First communion truly divine

Why Jewelry?

Why “Jewelry” over any other object as the firstconfirmation gift for children? It is necessary to understand that it is not about the materialistic aspect, but about the tangibility and closeness to the Holy Spirit that matters. Jewelry is something that is worn by a person day in and day out, by wearing this physical object your child will always be reminded of the Grace and infinite love of Jesus Christ. 

Jewelry asfirst communion gifts often culminate into deeper spiritual bonds with the infinite while offering the little wearers divine protection from negativity. 

Popular Options You Will Cherish Buying

Meaningful as they are, here are a few ideas that can help you pick the perfectconfirmation gifts for girls and boys… something that the little ones will always cherish and hold dear as they grow older…

  • The Holy Cross Ear Pieces – Available as studs, hoops, huggie hoops, mini danglers or drops, this is by far, one of the most covetedfirst communion gifts for girls. Available with top online jewelry stores for kids, you can get them in innumerable designs and metal / stone options. Plain metal or jewel encrusted; precious, semi-precious or hypoallergenic-non precious… make sure to choose the right size and weight to make the earrings compatible with children's tender lobes.
  • First communion necklaces and pendants – Relevant to both boys and girls, necklaces and pendants with chains can be one of the most thoughtful gifts for commemorating a first communion. Your choices here are not just restricted to the Holy Cross but an array of other beautiful options like Guardian Angels, The Holy Mother, engraved motivational / protective quotes from the Holy Bible and more. 
  • First communion Bracelets – If findingfirst communion gifts for boys has been tough so far, you are now at the right place. Bracelets are perfect gifts for both boys and girls and are best when they are minimal. Personalization with the names of the recipients and their favorite bible quote or angels for that matter can make these gifts invaluable.
  • Communion Rings – While this is more popular with pre-adults, communion rings can be great gifts for toddlers and preschoolers as well. The Holy Cross and Guardian angels are very popular because they can be molded into tiny sizes to fit tiny fingers. 

Final Thought

First communion jewelry is easily available with top online jewelry stores for kids and thankfully, at very affordable prices. While precious metals and stones always come with steep price tags, they are usually accompanied by added purchase advantages like extended warranties, resale value, free maintenance and discount on your next purchase, if you are buying from the right places. 

To sum up, this is an investment worth making and it comes with the reassurance that you made the correct purchase!

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