The Top Ten Most Popular Earrings for Girls Under $50

July 24, 2018

Top Ten Most Popular Earrings for Girls in 2018

As the drum of fashion trends beats on, we sometimes like to take time and reflect on the styles that have been popular recently in order to continue setting new trends in the future.

After reviewing the market sales data and combining it with other information we look at, the vogue in earrings for girls in 2018 tend toward small hoops, cubic zirconia, and simple, elegant studs.  Check out our most popular earrings so far in 2018 below.

Most Popular Earrings for Infants and Toddlers in 2018

Heart Screw Back Earrings

One of the most popular styles is the screw back heart earring. These tiny heart shaped pink cubic zirconia earrings are outlined with clear cubic zirconia stones. They are made of 925 sterling silver. Since these baby earrings have safety backs, they make excellent gifts for baptism, christening, birth gifts, or infant and toddler birthdays.

Ball Baby Screw Back Earrings 14k Yellow Gold

Another trend in earrings for the very young are traditional “little ball” earrings made from 14k yellow gold.  These too are made with screw backs and the high quality gold makes them safe for sensitive ears.  The subtle elegance of these earrings is possibly one of the features that make them such a popular gift item. 

Huggie Hoop Earrings for Infants and Babies 

The third popular infant and toddler style earring for under $50 is the baby hoop earring. These trendy, 925 sterling silver, huggie hoops for little girls feature pretty pink and bright white heart shaped cubic zirconias.  One can understand the popularity of this item - not only is it beautiful, it is also just the right size and design to be a perfect fit for a toddler or any young girl.  Made from sterling silver, these are also safe for sensitive ears.

Any of these under $50 earrings make great gifts for babies, toddlers, or little girls and have remained a popular item in 2018.

Trends in Earrings for Girls and Pre-teens

Ladybug Earrings for Girls

Young girls have always loved ladybugs.  These tiny insects are pretty, they are harmless and to a little girl, they can be a magical symbol of good luck.  So, it’s easy to see why trends in jewelry under $50 for 2018 would include ladybug screw back earrings.  The popular earring style, made from 925 sterling silver, features a little ladybug with enamel accents in red or in pink on each earring.  

The earrings come with screw backs for added comfort and convenience. They are popular gifts for young girls.

Gold Endless Hoop Earrings for Girls

Popular solid 14K yellow gold endless hoop earrings make a great addition to any jewelry collection. These earring classics are small, thin, and elegant, making them suitable as gifts for young girls and teens, for any occasion. Featuring a beautiful carved design, these earrings add a bit of flash to any outfit.

And their lightweight construction makes them extra-comfortable and safe for sensitive little ears.

Hoop Heart Dangle Earrings Pink CZ

Another trend in earrings for girls and teens is the 925 sterling silver hoop heart dangle earring accented with pink cubic zirconias. Girls and teens sparkle in this set of earrings.  These have been popular as gifts for birthdays, graduations, and any other special occasion.  

Owl Earrings for Girls

A wildly popular gift for under $50 is the 925 sterling silver owl earring set accented with purple cubic zirconia.  Cute, wise, and beloved, the owl has always been popular, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. In 2018 this charming animal is once again at the top of the charts. Silver owl earrings withpurple cubic zirconias as their feathers, and bright black cubic zirconia as the eyes are a huge hit with both girls and teens.

Heart Screw Back Earrings

Girls and pre-teens love 925 sterling silver heart earrings. With their screw back design and sterling silver construction these earrings also make a terrific gift for Valentines Day, Christmas or a Birthday. 

Guardian Angel Pink Earrings

Every girl needs an guardian angel and these 925 sterling silver pink cubic zirconia earrings may just do the trick. Made especially for young girls these earrings are sweet and delicate - a popular gift for birthdays and religious occasions.

Sterling Silver Plain Small Hoop Earrings for Girls

Small, plain huggie hoop earrings are always popular among girls and teens. With their sleek and classic look they are perfect go-to earrings that work with any clothing style. The sterling silver construction makes them safe for sensitive ears and their versatility makes them the perfect gift for any young girl.

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