A Guide to Baby & Children’s Religious Jewelry - Baptism

March 29, 2018

A Guide to Baby & Children’s Religious Jewelry - Baptism

Many religions or spiritualities conduct rituals or sacred moments that draw the member closer to their faith and their fellow believers. For Christianity, one of those rites of passage is baptism. Some Christians baptize their children, while others prefer to wait until their child has reached an age of reason, while still others become saved and baptized as adults.

What is Baptism?

This simple act of being sprinkled with water, or gently immersed, holds significant meaning for those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Many Christians believe baptism to be a sacrament, or a critical aspect of their faith, bestowing upon the receiver the “mark of God.” This is because, according to the New Testament, Jesus instructed his followers to go forth, spread his name, and baptize them in the name of the Father, referring to the paternal aspect of a 3-headed God (the other two consist of the Holy Spirit and the Son). Therefore, the act of immersing parts of or the whole body of a converted believer has come to represent alliance with Christ, a bond with fellow members of the faith or a specific church, and is intended to set the believer apart from the rest of the world.

Baptism is usually conducted within a church as part of a service, and includes fellow church-goers and family members. Christening is a similar ritual, but involves the official “naming” of the infant. Known as their “Christian” name, receiving an official name while being baptized reconciles the child with their Christian family and registers them as an official member.

Family members often attend the christening or baptism if the new member is a child or infant, and meaningful gifts to welcome the new one are often exchanged. The type of gift varies with personal taste and the child’s or parents’ lifestyle, but traditionally, a special piece of symbolic jewelry is given to the infant or child. Generally containing a religious symbol pertaining to the Christian religion, the jewelry helps to identify the child to others, serves as a keepsake they’ll treasure for years to come, and commemorates the special occasion.

Types of Baptism Jewelry

Christening or baptism jewelry for babies, both boys and girls, is a long-standing tradition that has its roots in the Catholic church, whether a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet. A cross pendant, representing the structure used to torture Jesus in his last hours, represents the symbol of unconditional love he expressed by offering himself for punishment for the sins of the world.

Jewelry featuring the cross symbol is the most widely recognized as a special baptism gift for the boy or girl. An appropriate piece of infant baptism jewelry for girls could range from a sparkly cross pendant to a dainty set of earrings. Some might prefer a medallion pendant necklace with other spiritual symbols, such as saints or angels. For boys, a simple cross or medallion pendant is considered appropriate.

Another common gift at christenings or baptisms of boys or girls is a special piece of religious jewelry to wear during the ceremony. This imbues the decoration with even more meaning, as it was given with the sacrament in mind, and would be physically present when the child was bestowed with the mark of God. Whether a dainty bracelet for the girls or a simple pendant for the boys, jewelry as a part of a religious ceremony like baptism or a christening has been a long-standing tradition.

Which Infant/Child Baptism or Christening Jewelry to Buy

If your child or a friend or family member’s little one is being christened or baptized soon, it can be overwhelming knowing which gift to give to mark the special occasion.

When shopping for religious jewelry an infant or little girl, keep in mind whether or not she’s had her ears pierced.

If so, a dainty set of child-friendly pearl earrings are the perfect thoughtful gift. A similar bracelet would complete a matching set.

For a general baptism gift of religious jewelry, a sparkly cross pendant or medallion in a precious metal is something she’ll definitely cherish for years to come.

When shopping for religious jewelry for boys, keep it simple and masculine. A subdued cross or medallion pendant makes the perfect choice. These especially work well for christenings, as the baby boy can wear it during the ceremony.

Religious Jewelry for Your Special Moment

Religious jewelry for children is the perfect gift to mark a baptism and welcome the new little one into her spiritual family. In Season Jewelry has the perfect selection of baby baptism necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for you to choose from. Shop today to discover something beautiful.  

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