Baby Jewelry Guide: Everything You Need To Know

April 15, 2021

Baby Jewelry Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Gifting baby jewelry to our little ones is always a pleasure. Baby girl jewelry is very common since women and girls like dressing up more than men and boys. The most important consideration is what type and what material the jewelry is.

Babies have tender skin, with an immune system that is slowly learning and adapting to it's new environment. Therefore the considerations we make when choosing baby jewelry has to be different than when we buy for ourselves.  So, before choosing the perfect jewelry gift for your little one, keep these considerations in mind.

Baby Jewelry Buying Guide - Choose The Right Jewelry For Your Child

Being well informed and knowing the factors to consider when gifting jewelry to your baby is half the battle.  In this article, we've gathered all the information you need to make a smart and informed decision next time you're buying baby jewelry.

The three most important things to consider when buying a baby jewelry 

To remember the three most important factors easily, you can call it MSS (Metal, Size, and Shape) guide.

Baby Bracelet

The metal used for making baby jewelry 

When choosing the perfect precious metal for your babies' jewelry, there are only three that are recommended; Sterling silver, gold (14k and higher), and platinum.  

Sterling silver is a naturally hypoallergenic metal that is very popular for baby jewelry.  It is affordable in addition to being free of lead, nickel, and cadmium which are not recommended for children.

14k and 18k Gold are also great metals for your little ones.  Because it has a high enough content of gold, these will also be free of hard metals.  14k and 18k Gold are hypoallergenic and safe for use by children.

Platinum is the most expensive metal of the three and not commonly used in baby jewelry because of its expensive price.  Nonetheless, many parents choose to have custom baby jewelry made for their child using platinum.

The shape of the baby jewelry matters 

Safety is always the main consideration when it comes to baby jewelry.  The shape of a jewelry piece should be a consideration depending on the age of your baby.

Avoid items with sharp corners or protruding prongs that could scratch your baby.  Designs like stars with point edges are best used by older children, while safe designs like earring hoops and simple ball studs are the ideal earrings for baby.

The size of the baby’s jewelry matters too 

Babies have smaller proportions than we do as adults.  Everything about them is tiny and precious.  It is important to choose jewelry that is designed for babies.  Baby jewelry should not be neither too loose or too tight. 

Baby Earrings should be small and close to the babies ears to fir snugly on the ear lobe.  Dangle earrings are not recommended at this age.  We  recommend the first earrings to be simple pearls or balls to minimize the risk of snags.

Baby necklaces can pose a choking hazard so it is extra important to ensure the necklace you chose fits to the mid chest level of the child.  The chain should not bee so strong that it will not break undress stress to mitigate a chocking hazard.

Baby Bracelets should also fit loose enough so they can not get past the wrist.  A bracelet that is too tight will be uncomfortable for your baby and can potentially case skin irritations.  We recommend buying an adjustable baby bracelet that will let you adjust it as your baby grows. 

Baby Jewelry Is A Great gift Idea For Any Occasion

Whether you need to find a baby gift for a newborn or a toddler, jewelry is always a meaningful and thoughtful idea.

A meaningful piece of jewelry with the babies name or with a religious element is a very meaningful birth gift.  It's a gift the child will cherish their entire life as their first piece of jewelry.  Likewise, gifting a baby jewelry for baptisms, christenings, and other religious ceremonies is traditional and once again potentially creates an heirloom they will cherish forever.  

A personalized piece of baby jewelry is always welcome for birthdays, weddings, or just as a keepsake from this very special time in the babies life.

What Kind Of Jewelry Goes Best on Children? 

Admittedly, baby girls have more jewelry options than boys.  Boys typically only wear necklaces, bracelets, and rings for babies, though some mothers are choosing to pierce their baby buy's years in recent ears.

Baby girls have many more options, both in the style and design of their jewelry.  There is much more variety in the market for baby girl jewelry.  They can choose from thousands of different styles of baby earrings such as huggies, pearls, hoops, flowers and more! They also enjoy cute & girly bracelets as well as necklaces and pendants with cute baby girl designs.  

Benefits of Gifting Different Metals As Baby Jewelry 

Baby Jewelry Metal

In this segment, we would explore the health benefits of those metals which can benefit your babies the most;

  • Gold can be gifted even to the newborn as baby jewelry. Gold as a trace element in our body endows it with health and stronger immunity.
  • Silver gifts a strong mind to anyone who wears it. It also heals inflammatory conditions and provides strength and stamina. 

The next best stuff to gift a baby would be gemstones.

Gifting Birthstone Jewelry To Kids

Birthstones have been used for ages and almost every old civilization has been fascinated with them, claiming they have special powers that are tied to us through our horoscopes.  Birthstone baby jewelry is a wonderful idea as they will always have a special connection to their birthstone.  Here is a list of birthstones along with ancient beliefs as to their powers and benefits:

  • Diamonds can bring luck and good fortune to the wearer and works very well on children born in April.
  • Emerald: It does good to those born in May and can fill your baby’s life with abundance. 
  • Pearls: It is said that those born in June have a highly active mind thus, wearing pearl puts their mind to rest.
  • Ruby: For the red hearted July born babies, gift them rubies which can do wonders to their souls. 
  • Peridot: When the August born suffers somehow, peridot provides them with the green shade which nurtures their soul back to health.
  • Sapphire: Sapphire is said to bring the wearer wealth, health, happiness and prosperity.
  • Aquamarine: In October, during the pale winter the wearer benefits in keeping their hearts and minds steady and stable. 
  • Topaz or Citrine: Topaz protects them from the harsh winter effects and citrine brings warmth to their soul.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is said to balance and align all the chakras, stabilizing mood swings and instilling inner calm
  • Garnet: January babies should have Garnet birthstones as it is said to open the heart, build self esteem, and promote joy.
  • Amethyst: Those born in February trust in Amethyst to balance the mind, body, and spirit as well as to unwind and relax. 
  • Aquamarine: If your baby was born in March, Aquamarine will brings peace to your baby as well as clear her mind, calm the heart, and help speak the truth.

On Which Occasion Can You Gift Which Birthstone Jewelry To Your Kids?

Gifting birthstones can be done on every occasion. But some special occasions require some special stones. Like;

  • For birthdays try zodiac gemstones.
  • For marriages, you can gift emerald or rubies.
  • For naming ceremonies try agates and amber.

Now that you know all about what to buy as a baby jewelry, learn how you can take care of them so that they last forever.

How Do You Care For Baby Jewelry?

It's very important to keep your baby's jewelry clean at all times.  Using a gentle soap and warm water along with a toothbrush is surprisingly effective.  There are many techniques for cleaning baby jewelry, but due to the fact that your baby has very gentle skin, it's best to avoid using harsh chemicals.  Baking powder can also be helpful on sterling silver if you are trying to remove build-up of dead skin, etc.

Baby Jewelry Size Chart

Finding the right size jewelry for your growing baby can be challenging.  We've created some resource pages to help you find the perfect size jewelry for your baby.

This baby jewelry guide addresses the most commonly asked questions about jewelry for your child.  Bookmark it and refer to it when you're ready to buybaby jewelry.

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