Delightful 14K -18K Gold Filled ID Bracelets For Kids

September 15, 2022

Delightful 14K -18K Gold Filled ID Bracelets For Kids

Could there be anything more precious than the name of your precious little one engraved in a tiny gold bracelet? That’s one of the many reasons why Children’s gold Id bracelets are selling out like never before. 

When a gold jewelry piece has your little one’s name engraved on it, it will probably be immortalized in their collections for years to come. 14K to 18K Gold Bracelets often get passed on as heirlooms. Therefore, with these unique and meaningful trinkets, you are sure to invest your money and emotions where it is best valued.

Here is a list of other benefits that make Gold Id Bracelets for children so appealing to parents worldwide…

  • Luck and Love… All in a Band – Gold is the universal symbol of Luck, Fortune, Vitality and Divine Blessing. So, when you carve the name of your little one in gold and have them adorn it, you’re actually bringing them luck, love and fortune.

Weird but True! Did you know, the Incas used Gold to symbolize their spiritual connection with the Sun and referred to it as the Tears of the Sun.

  • Safe and Gentle Bling Gold is 100% hypoallergenic. Therefore, it does not cause any allergic reaction to the soft and delicate skin of a baby, making it the safest accessory for kids. 

Time for some Fun Facts… Did you know, Psyche 16, an asteroid quite close to the Earth may hold 20 billion tons of Gold!

  • ‘Meaningful’ Gets a whole New Definition – Gold Id bracelets for kids often carry important details like name of the child, name of the parents, dates, contact information etc. Sometimes, the information comes in handy. To make it a little more special, you can also add a blessing or protective charm on it.

Two Big Fun Facts… Gold is a Spiritual Catalyst. It is believed that gold protects the wearer from negative energies besides preventing spiritual corrosion. Thanks to its biocompatibility, it is believed to be helpful in preventing skin and heart conditions as well.

  • Value is always Intact – Gold never loses value. Therefore, an id bracelet crafted in gold is sure to retain its resale value through decades, if not centuries. 

The Gold in Us… The human body contains about 0.2 milligrams of Gold! So, Yes… We are all Precious!

Golden Rules to Get Perfect-Fit 14K to 18K Gold Bracelets for Your Kids –

Your Kids deserve the best… So, it only makes sense to do some homework before getting them a piece of jewelry that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Here’s a list of Golden Rules that will structure your search towards Id Bracelets that will be worth your attention and investment …

  • Gold Filled Over Gold Plated – Gold filled is basically a thicker covering of gold on other compatible metals. In the case of Kids’ jewelry, the compatible metal is usually silver. Gold filled jewelry may be more expensive than gold plated jewelry, but it is worth the price because…
  • It is more resistant to wear and tear
  • It can last a lifetime with basic care
  • It does not tarnish easily and
  • Carries more value as ‘precious jewelry’ in comparison with gold-plated options
  • 18K is Awesome; But 14K Gold Bracelet is just as good – If budget is a concern, you can always go for immaculately crafted 14K bracelets. They look just as good, they are just as safe and they are equally forgiving on the wallet.
  • Safe Designs – The idea is to stay safe from anything that dangles from or jiggles on your child’s wrists.  Choose designs that fit your child’s wrist comfortably. It should neither be too loose to fall off nor too tight to constrict blood flow. 
  • Custom designs over Off-the-Shelf – If you approach top online / offline providers ofGold bracelets for Kids, you may get the opportunity to custom design a bracelet for your little one from scratch! It may cost a bit, but is worth the spend! Give it a shot and experience the bliss of something unique and something that no one else in the world possesses. 

Final Thoughts

We are Stardust… We deserve to Dazzle in Gold. 

It’s not just the bling thing, Gold is a sign of purity, patience, wisdom, enlightenment, generosity and most importantly, Optimism and Positivity. And, it is possible to introduce these elements of superior character and divine strength into the aura of your little one through 18K or even 14K gold id bracelets. 

Start your search… it is never too late to give something meaningful to someone who brings meaning to your life😊

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