Discover the Best June Birthstones for Children: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite - Meaning, Properties, and Ideas

December 27, 2022

Discover the Best June Birthstones for Children: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite - Meaning, Properties, and Ideas

June Birthstone Jewelry for Kids

Birthstones are gemstones that are believed to have positive energies and vibrations associated with the month of a person's birth. June is a special month as it has three birthstones associated with it - pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. Each of these June birthstones has its own unique properties, lore, meaning, and beauty. Not only are they used as healing stones, but they can also be used to create beautiful jewelry such as June birthstone rings and June birthstone necklaces.

Pearl Birthstone

Pearl is the only birthstone that is formed primarily by nature. It is formed when a saltwater or freshwater mollusk secretes a substance called nacre around an irritant like sand or a living organism, which hardens and forms the pearl. Pearls have long been associated with humility, purity, and innocence, and are often given as gifts to brides. They are also believed to have some interesting properties - Arab physicians in the 1800s thought that pearl powder could improve eyesight, reduce nervous tremors.

Moonstone Birthstone

Moonstone belongs to the feldspar group of minerals and is found naturally in a range of places around the world. It is known for its special glow, called adularescence, and has been associated with lunar deities in Roman and Greek mythology, and with moonbeams in Hindu mythology. Moonstone is generally associated with love, fertility, and passion, and is believed to bring good luck. It is also considered a healing stone and is believed to enhance intuition, balance emotions, and help maintain a calm mood. Moonstones are very soft and can be carved into unique shapes such as the human face.

Alexandrite Birthstone

Alexandrite is a rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl that was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia. It is known for its ability to change color depending on the lighting, appearing green in natural light and red in artificial light. Alexandrite is associated with balance and harmony, making it a great choice for children's jewelry. It is also considered a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and happiness.

How to Choose the Right June Birthstone for Your Child

When choosing the right June birthstone for your child, there are a few factors to consider. First, think about what your child is interested in and what type of stone they might like. For example, if they love the ocean, a pearl might be a good choice. If they enjoy nature, a moonstone might be a good fit. If they are fascinated by science and technology, an alexandrite might be a unique and interesting choice.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the stone. Make sure to choose a high-quality piece that will last and look beautiful for years to come. You can also think about the type of metal the stone is set in - gold, silver, and platinum are all popular choices.

Finally, consider the occasion or reason for the gift. Is it a special occasion like a birthday or graduation? Is it a way to celebrate a milestone or achievement? Choosing a birthstone that is meaningful and personal can make the gift even more special.

Where to Find June Birthstones

If you're looking for June birthstones for your child, there are a few places you can look. One option is to visit a local jewelry store and see what they have available. Many stores will have a wide range of birthstones to choose from, as well as knowledgeable staff who can help you select the right piece.

Another option is to shop online at a store like With over 1400 styles available, is a leader in children's jewelry and offers a wide range of June birthstones to choose from. They have quality, hypoallergenic jewelry in sterling silver and gold, and offer easy customization options such as engraving and customizations. With an easy-to-use website and a true pleasure to shop on, is a great place to find the perfect June birthstone for your child.

In conclusion, June birthstones are a beautiful and meaningful gift for children of all ages. Whether you choose pearl, moonstone, or alexandrite, you can be sure to find something special that your child will love. With the right care and attention, these stones will last for years to come and become a treasured part of your child's jewelry collection.


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