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June Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It For Your Baby

July 12, 2021

June Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It For Your Baby

Birthstones are gemstones that are considered to have positive energies and vibrations that are associated with the month that you were born in. Each month has a stone that represents it, some even have three. These pieces are easily a great introduction into the world of gemstones and can later on in life adapt into playing with different auras represented by each stone.

In this article, let us talk all about June birthstones --- their lore, properties and the meaning they have. If you are wondering about June birthstone color or what is June birthstone and trying to find the right June birthstone for your baby, this is the right article for you!

What Is The Birthstone For June?

In the perspective of birthstones, June is a special month having three birthstones associated with it. You can tailor your birthstone selection with your mood, budget or celestial properties you choose to attract.

The birthstones associated with June are: Pearls, Moonstones and Alexandrite. Each June birthstone has its own properties, lore, meaning and of course, beauty related to it. Not only healing stones, gorgeous jewellery can be made out of them. As such, june birthstone rings and june birthstone necklaces are very popular. Let us talk about all the june birthstones one by one:

Pearl Birthstone

This birthstone for June has always been fascinating to people around the world. Ancient people from the Middle East have been known to believe that pearls are the teardrops from heaven. While within Chinese culture, it is believed that they originate as pieces of a dragon's brain!

Pearls are the only birthstones here that are formed primarily by nature. This organic birthstone for June is formed as a response by saltwater or freshwater molluscs to an incoming irritant. That is, when an irritant such as a sand or a living organism of appropriate sizing enters the shell of a mollusc, it secretes a substance named nacre around it which then hardens and forms the pearl.

However, not all pearls are produced by nature, there are also cultured pearls which are obtained from pearl farms where there would be a saltwater or freshwater operation in which molluscs would be kept safe from predators. In this setting, people would introduce a small piece of mantle tissue onto the molluscs which will then begin the process of developing its own pearl. 

Pearls are associated with a lot of good meaning. They have long been associated with humility, purity and also innocence. They are great gifts for your brides to be in which they can be sewn into the gowns or worn as jewellery.

Pearls also have some interesting properties! So much so that Arab physicians in the 1800s have thought that the pearl powder can help in improving eyesight, helps in reducing nervous tremors and also in easing depression.

Pearls are relatively soft gems and as such, they require special care! Also, due to their nature, they will get affected by certain chemicals from plastic. So, don't keep pearl jewellery in plastic bags.


Moonstone belongs to the feldspar group of minerals and is found naturally in a wide range of places including the United States, India, Sri lanka, Madagaskar, Myanmar and Tanzania too.

Moonstones are known for their special glow, the light that appears across the gemstone is called adularescence. In Roman and Greek mythology, Moonstone is associated with lunar deities and in Hindu mythology, it was expressed that this stone is made up of moonbeams!

Moonstones are generally associated with love, fertility and passion and are thought to bestow great luck to your babies! Moonstone is also considered as a healing stone and as such, the healing properties of the stone include many desirable effects including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Balances Emotions
  • Helps in maintaining a calm mood

A fun fact! Moonstones are very soft stones and because of that, unique shapes can be carved out of them! The shape of the human face is a famous one throughout history. 


Alexandrite is a rare variant of chrysoberyl minerals. A speciality of this gemstone is that it exhibits different colors in different lighting.

Those gems that exhibit different shades of green fluorescent or daylight and different shades of red in incandescent light. Due to this unique feature, these birthstones are some of the most sought after ones and also, highly expensive relative to other gemstones.

Major deposits for this stone were found in the 19th century in the Ural Mountains of Russia. This gemstone was named after the prince Alexander II of Russia who was the apparent heir at that time.

People believe that alexandrite attracts good luck, fortune and glory. So, wearing this june birthstone ring or june birthstone necklace would help a lot.  It is also said that alexandrite has several healing properties that can be used for treatment of a variety of illnesses such as in treating problems in the pancreas and spleen.

Compared to other gemstones, Alexandrites are fairly hard. However, it has no cleavage, due to this it has a large probability of breaking when struck. It would be a good choice in gemstone for more of a daily wear jewelry piece and is rarely given as an engagement ring.

It is thought that alexandrite connects with the heart chakra and believed that wearing this June birthstone necklace would improve health not only physically but also mentally. This June birthstone also stands as a symbol for self esteem and confidence and it can improve intuition, creativity and inspire its users. 

Final Words

People born in July have a great choice between these three marvelous gemstones. Pearls, Moonstones, and Alexandrites all have their own meanings, properties and effects. Now that you know more about these three gemstones, it should be a lot easier to make a decision on the perfect piece for your little one!  It could be a June birthstone ring or a June birthstone necklace, you can now help them express themselves with the perfect gemstone.

However, make sure that you properly care for these precious stones and also, make sure that there are no sharp ends on the stones which may hurt your baby!

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