Bracelet and Necklaces Sizes for Babies and Kids

July 03, 2018

Bracelet Size Guide for Babies and Kids

Bracelet and Necklace Sizing from Newborns to Teenagers

It’s amazing how quickly children grow.  Before you know it they’ve out grown their baby shoes and onesies and have graduated to the kids department and then to the unique styles worn by teenagers.  

Did you know a child’s wrist size grows by approximately 25% in their first two years?  And, although your toddler’s growth rate will slow between his or her second and third years, they will continue this remarkable physical transformation from baby to child. Body proportions change dramatically during this time.  An infant has a relatively large head and shorter arms and legs. As he or she continues to get older, head growth slows while legs and the rest of the body grow more quickly. The person begins looking more and more like a child and less like a baby.

As the rest of the body grows so do the wrists and necks.  This is why it’s so important to know how to adjudicate what size necklaces and bracelets you should by buying for various ages from newborns to teens.

Jewelry sizing is of the utmost importance for infants and young children as they have more difficulty letting you know when something is too tight or too loose.  A necklace that’s too long could be a choking hazard and one that’s too small will be uncomfortable and could leave red marks on the child’s body.

For older children and teens correct sizing is also important - more for comfort and style than any safety concerns.

Determining necklace sizes for children:

These sizes are based on averages. Measuring the child’s neck with a tape measure and adding two inches to the result will give you a guide to the proper length for a necklace.  Always look at the fit on that particular child to make sure the length is correct.

General Children's Sizes for Necklaces

Babies (Newborn to 6 months old) - 10” to 11” circumference

Toddler (5 months old to 10 months)- 11” to 12” circumference

Toddler (10 months to 4 years)- 12” to 13” circumference

Child (4 years to 7 years) - 14”+ circumference

Child (7 years and up) - 16”+ circumference

Teenagers -For a teenager you may want to consider a variety of necklace sizes.  Some outfits look better with longer necklaces while others look better with shorter lengths.  In this age group necklace length is about style rather than growth spurts or safety.

Manually determining correct necklace size:

Tape measure approach

Wrap a measuring tape around the base of the neck and then drape it to the desired spot where you would like the necklace to hang.  The measurement you get is the correct necklace length. You can place the tape measure at different positions to get the correct size for different styles.  

Size using ribbon or yarn

Wrap a piece of yarn or ribbon around the base of the neck and drape it to the desired spot.  Measure that length against a ruler or tape measure and you have the correct necklace size.

 Baby Necklaces

Kids Necklaces

How to determine bangle and bracelet sizes for kids:

Bracelets and bangles are two slightly different types of jewelry worn on the wrist.  The term bracelet refers to a flexible set of links while a bangle is formed from one or two rigid pieces.  A bracelet is placed on the wrist by opening a clasp. A full circle bangle is slipped over the hand and an oval C shaped bangle is slid in place over the wrist.  The sizing for bracelets and bangles is slightly different.

Bracelet Size Guide for Teens

These sizes are a general guide.

General Children Sizes for Bangles

Baby- 4 1/2” circumference

Child 2 years to 6 years old -5 1/4” circumference

Child 6 years to 8 years old - 5 3/4” circumference

Child over eight years -6 1/4” circumference

Teenager - 6 1/2” to 7”+ circumference

General Children's Sizes for Bracelets

Newborns to 6 months -4” to 4 1/2” circumference

Child 6 months to 1 year old - 4 1/2 to 5” circumference

Child 1 to 4 years old -5” to 5 1/2” circumference

Child 4 to 7 years old - 5 1/2 to 6” circumference

Child 7 to 10 years old - 6” to 6 1/4” circumference

Teenager - 6 1/2” to 7”+ circumference

Bracelet Size Guide for Babies and Kids

Manually determining correct bracelet size for a baby or child:

Take a flexible measuring tape or piece of string, yarn, or ribbon and gently wrap it around the child’s wrist, just below the wrist-bone (the place where you would place a watch).

Make note of the measurement if using a measuring tape, or cut the string to the proper length. Then lay the string out straight and measure it using a ruler. 

Add ½” to the measurement to obtain the proper bracelet size.

As long as a child is in their growth phase - from birth through the teens and into young adulthood, it’s important to pay close attention to the sizing of jewelry including bracelets and necklaces.  For babies and younger children you will need to check the necklace or bracelet frequently to make sure the baby or young child has not outgrown it.

I hope the information here helps you know what size necklaces and bracelets to get for your own children and for other kids as well.

Baby Bracelets

Kids Bracelets

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