Screw Back Earrings

Screw back earrings for toddlers are always wanted by mothers due to their safety and comfort. These earrings come in many different shapes and colors delivering a stylish, classic and trendy look to the infant. Our designs include heart screw back earrings, screw back diamond earrings, small pearl earrings, flowers earrings and much more! While these earrings are really tiny and considered sleek and attractive, they are also incredibly durable and will always remain safely in place due to their screw on the earrings backs.

At In Season Jewelry, we've designed a baby jewelry online store that offers hundreds of screw back earrings for toddlers and babies - all at prices that are unbelievably low! We firmly believe that a pair of screw back earrings should be high quality, affordable and hypoallergenic (nickel free) for the toddler. For this reason, you'll find that our screw back earrings for babies start at $ 7.99, which give mothers the possibility to order several pairs for the price of one pair of screw back baby earrings from many of our brick and mortar competitors.

Our stylish earrings for babies will give your little girl a dainty and sparkling touch to her outfit. Whatever style you’re looking for, we’ve got hundreds of screw back earrings for your little baby, which will make her feel like a real princess!