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Individualized Jewelry For Children

July 13, 2021

Individualized Jewelry For Children

Each child is different, with each passing day they develop more into their own personalities, talents and interests. So when it is time to gift them with a present, you can never go wrong with an individualized/personalized jewelry gift. 

Today, there are many ways to personalize a present for your child. You can choose to detail their pieces with birthstones or gemstones based on their birthdays or dedicate an engraving onto their fine jewelry. These pieces, because they are personalized, will tend to rarely go out of style and surely become part of a happy memory. 

If you are a parent looking for a sentimental gift for your child on their special day, here are a few options on how to elevate your child’s personalized jewelry:

Engraved Children’s Jewelry 

Engravable  jewelry should be considered as treasured mementos.  These pieces are designed to tell a story, whether it be by a special word or phrase, a name or even an important date that you cherish; the idea behind an engravable piece of jewelry is its approach to individualization. No one else will probably own the same piece of childrens jewelry, making it the most impactful gift from this list.

Best in - Engravings injewelry for children are best in wrist bands, bracelets and pendants. 

Ideas you can consider – Besides important dates and names, you can try innovative ideas like engraving a baby’s first heart-beat, protective hymns and more.

Name Jewelry for Children 

Jewelry pieces with set names are just as popular with children as it is with adults. You can choose to individualize pieces by marking their names or initials. Or you can choose to give them the name of a family member or pet they hold dear to their heart. 

Best in – Children’s name jewelry is best on Necklaces, Rings and Bracelets. 

Ideas to make it special – Finer details like fonts, inclusion of special symbols (celestial / star signs / soul animals / divine protection) etc. make namejewelry for children very unique. 

BirthStone Fine Children’s Jewelry 

Birthstones are becoming relevant again within jewelry, they are known to represent the characteristics of a child's personality based on their birthdays and celestial alignments. With the included personalization, celestial stones bring with them positive energies that you would like to attract.

In ancient times it was believed that birthstones possess healing and protective properties and wearing them from an early age can relieve mental, spiritual and physical energy blockages.

Best in – Birthstones can be worn in any jewelry piece you choose for your child, be it bracelets, wrist bands, pendants, earrings or rings. 

Ideas you can considerBirthstones are precious… therefore, they are best when paired with precious or semi-precious metals. Popular jewelry brands, both brick and mortar and online shops offer affordable pricedchildren’s 14K gold jewelry that can be customized with your choice of birth stones.

Children’s Jewelry Charms & Protection

Protection and blessings are the two treasures that parents can envelope their children with. A protection charm bracelet or necklace is the perfect way to display your divine faith and at the same time protect your children from the negative energies surrounding them. 

Best in – Protection and charm Jewelry are best in bracelets and anklets and some designs may be compatible with children’s pendants as well. 

Ideas you can consider – It is a must that charmjewelry for children does not have any loose ends. Therefore, seeking design assistance is important while personalizing the piece. Semi-precious metals, stones and beads can be good additions.   

There’s no end to individualizing children’s jewelry. If gifting your little one with something special is on the cards, go through these ideas and get creative. 

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