Princess Necklace: Pick the Right Necklace Lengths for Your Kid

September 15, 2022

Princess Necklace: Pick the Right Necklace Lengths for Your Kid

The coming of a child at home brings dreams to the parents’ eyes. People are filled with thoughts, wishes, hopes, and aspirations. One of the outcomes of all these is the desire to gift jewelry to the child as jewelry made of gold and silver is capable of creating the most long-lasting relationships and memories.

A gift to their prince and princess wrapped in fine satin or silk somewhere fulfills the innate wish of parents to do something good for their children. But purchasing aprincess necklace is not sans confusion. People need to understand that a gift they bring to their children should also suit them or look good upon them.

To uncover the details of gifting anecklace to your princess, you need to start by understanding a few basics about your child.

The first thing to know is the size of the necklace you wish to gift your child. To know the right size of your child’sprincess necklace, you must follow a few body parameters of your child closely.

Here we try to make you walk through the few basics you need to keep in mind when buying a necklace.

  1. Popular necklace length
  2. Necklace types and their in-built length
  3. The safety aspect of the necklace
  4. The neckline of your child
  5. Keep in mind the occasion and the age of your child always

To find out more, we will analyze the above parameters in the best possible ways.

  • Popular necklace length

  • Usually, when you reach a store to inquire about the right necklace length for your child, they will refer to a chart where the size ranges will be as given in the table;

    The age range of your child

    Necklace Size

    If a baby or a toddler less than equal to one year old requiring supervision while donning the necklace is concerned

    8 to 12 inches

    A toddler more than one year up to four years old

    10 to 12 inches

    Girls aged 5-8 years

    12 to 14 inches

    Young girls above 8 years and freshly into their teens (almost 13 years old)

    14 to 16 inches

    Teenagers 14+

    16 inches+

    However, the necklace length mentioned here is not the standard size for all different types of necklaces prevalent in our culture. But, this is the estimated size of the necklaces for different age groups.

  • Necklace types and their in-built length

  • On average, the next factor that comes up while making decisions is the averagePrincess Necklace length.

    In the below-given space, we would mention the average standard in-built size of different necklace types. Here you can identify the usual princess necklace size from the pool of different necklace types.

    Type of necklace

    In-built necklace size


    14-16 inches


    12-13 inches


    20-24 inches


    17-18 inches


    28-36 inches


    36-51 inches

    The lengths mentioned here are the average lengths of the necklaces that one needs to reach to completely design the necklace. On average a princess necklace will ideally require to be 17-18 inches or 43-46 centimeters in length.

  • Safety aspect of the necklace
  • As you are aware of the various necklace lengths by now, you must next inquire about the safety of each of these necklaces. Too small necklaces can cause choking and too long necklaces can be twisted around the neck by the child resulting in choking.

    The ideal size of thePrincess cut necklace, even thePrincess cut diamond necklace is something that the child cannot reach or see yet, it is comfortable on the neck of your child.

  • The neckline of your child
  • The next parameter to watch for is the neckline of your child and it is very essential for measuring thePrincess cut necklaces length. 

    • If the child has a slim and long neckline with a slim build, your child will need shorter necklace sizes as less amount of the necklace is covered by the surface area of the neck.
    • If your child has a broader and shorter neck surface area and length, you might want to give them a longer necklace length as that way the necklace does not sit too tight on your child.
  • Keep in mind the occasion for which the gift is being given
  • If you are in for a celebration, you can consider giving something gaudy to your child. Otherwise, you can try pendants with chains that fit the best for children on an average day as a gift.

    When it comes to aprincess cut necklace you will have to judge your necklace across all these parameters to choose the best for your child.

    If you want to ensure your child is comfortable in an idealPrincess cut necklace,do not forget your child’s age, weight, height, neckline type and safety as these are the foremost parameters in providing your child with the ulterior comfort that you look forward to.

    ThePrincess necklace should sit on your child’s collarbone comfortably. If your child has raised collarbones, you might need to consider even that before gifting your child aPrincess necklace design. This kind of design fits well a child and a teen as they can themselves take care of the comfort factor compared to younger children who might not be expressive enough. If you match the average length in each age group with thePrincess necklace length, you will find a close match of it with the teenagers of the lot.

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