A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect Pearl Necklace for Your Child

June 27, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect Pearl Necklace for Your Child

Every child is a pearl, a unique gem in their parents' eyes. And when it comes to celebrating their achievements or milestones, what better way to do it than gifting them with a pearl necklace.

Pearls symbolize wisdom, and they can be a perfect gift that your child will cherish forever. However, navigating the world of pearl jewelry can be daunting if you are not familiar with the intricacies of pearl grading and types.

Here is an updated guide to help you shop for the perfect pearl necklace  for your child.

What Are The Things To Consider While Buying A Pearl Necklace For Your Kids? 

Buying pearls can be a very confusing and challenging task if you do not know what you are looking for. With a little bit of knowledge, you will choose the best types of pearl-based necklaces that are high in quality, style, and colors. The following points would help you pick out the best necklace in the market in no time.

Understand The Different Types Of Pearls

Cultured Pearl Necklaces

All pearl necklaces that get sold on a retail market are called cultured pearl necklaces. Unless otherwise labeled as natural pearls. Many jewelers and consumers mistakenly label the freshwater pearl as cultured pearls. 

But it is misleading as Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls are all labeled cultured pearls. To avoid confusion, some knowledgeable dealers and consumers refer to pearl necklaces by the correct name of the pearl.

That means when you shop for pearl necklaces, always ask about the real origin and type of the pearls. That way, you can prevent spending money on the wrong piece. Another thing to always keep in mind is to buy from a well known seller; you do not want to take chances with these kinds of purchases.


It has a classic white color with an overtone of rose, silver, and cream here and there. The Akoya pearls may also get treated to achieve a black body color. Its size could range from 5 mm to 11 mm, and they are perfectly round in shape. They have a price range from $61 to $3000 per piece.

South sea 

Sea pearls are considered the most valuable and rare type of pearl amongst all pearl types. This type of pearl varies from silky silver to deep golden and comes in many shapes like round forms or even a baroque. Their price is also the highest amongst all the others; they vary from $399 to $30000.


Freshwater pearls have the broadest range of natural colors; they range from white to pink to lavender and can even have many dye options. They come in any size between 2 mm to 18 mm and are of three different shapes; round, button, and baroque. Their value is the lowest amongst them all in the range of $69 to $1500.


It is the last type of pearl on the list and the only type to achieve a natural black color. But they can range from a dark green to light silver color too. You can find this type of pearl within different sizes, varying from 9 mm to 16 mm. They also come in two different shapes, one round and another in baroque.

Keep the above information in mind when you decide on shopping for pearl necklaces for your kids.

Choose The Right Size

When it comes to pearl size, smaller is usually better for children. Pearls that are around 5mm to 7mm in size are typically considered appropriate for children. However, the choice of size also depends on the child's age and personal preference.

Decide on the Necklace Length

The length of a pearl necklace is a personal preference, meaning you have to decide on the length before you walk into a store. If your kid wears their jewelry more casually, you would probably want to go with a shorter strand of necklace as long strands are considered more formal, although it strictly depends on what your kids wear them with and how they carry it around.

The most popular lengths are 16 inches and 18 inches; strands that are 35 inches and even 50 inches are to be worn long or doubled up.

Check the Pearl Quality

Like diamonds, pearls also have a grading system. It includes factors like luster, shape, surface quality, and color. High-quality pearls have excellent luster, spherical shape, clean surface, and rich color. However, for children, you might not need to invest in the highest grade. A medium-grade pearl necklace would be more than suitable, especially considering the wear and tear it may undergo.

Consider Your Child's Preference

As with any gift, taking your child's likes and dislikes into account is crucial. Some children may prefer a simple pearl pendant while others may want a full string of pearls. Also, consider their favorite colors as pearls come in a variety of hues.

Shop at Reputable Retailers

To ensure you're purchasing a high-quality pearl necklace, it's essential to buy from a reputable jeweler. This guarantees that the pearls are ethically sourced and that you're getting what you pay for.

With the right knowledge and careful selection, shopping for a pearl necklace for your child can be a delightful experience. Remember, a pearl necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a keepsake your child can cherish as they grow older.

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