Complete Guide on How to Pick Baby’s First Earring Set

April 15, 2021


What hurdles can one possibly face while choosing thebaby’s first earring set?

A lack of proper information could certainly play the first hurdle.

Before you go for it, thus, isn’t it best to know what all could discomfort the baby?

The primary question which needs to be answered before gifting your baby the first pair of earrings is definitely knowing how or what to choose as the first earring set for your baby?

How To Choose The First Earring Set For Your Baby?

The first set of baby earrings is always treasured. Often when the daughter is about to be married, she is asked to carry the first pair of her earrings as a gift for her daughter. Some families have a few sets of ear studs which are passed on from one generation to the other whenever a newborn is coming up in that family.

However, not every home has ancestral gifts, thus, even today most of them prefer to buy a new pair. But before you grab those gorgeous looking earrings for your baby, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Choosing The Right Metal

Right jewelry metal for your baby

The first-timers must have either gold or silver inserted in their ear lobes to ensure they are hypoallergenic to the level of being safe. Even platinum is quite popular these days and so are the various forms of silver and gold (rose gold, white gold and so on.). However, one needs to be cautious when choosing anything other than sterling silver and gold.

For gold, anything between 14K to 22K goes well for your baby’s earrings.

For silver, you could go for 92.5 which is considered extremely safe.

If you want to gift your baby diamond earrings you can gift them studs.

The best ones for your toddler are a pair of 14k gold baby earrings.

Why Should You Choose Hypoallergenic Metals?

For your baby, allergies are more common than they are for you. 

Additionally, your child’s immune system is not as strong as yours. 

Thus, going with hypoallergenic metals is very important if you want to protect your child from developing ear lobe infections post an ear-piercing session.

Worse still, if the infection is more severe, there is a high chance that the ear piercing might altogether shut off.

What Size Would Suit Your Child The Best?

Not all earlobes are the same, so based on your kid’s ear lobe shape & size, the size of the baby’s earrings would also differ.

Additionally, the thickness of the ear lobe also is an important factor.

Generally, somewhere between 1/8” to 3/16” would go well for your baby’s earrings.

The average size of 1/4” suits the best for your baby’s ears.

Are You Wondering If Your Baby Can Wear Your Earrings?

Baby Earring

Your baby can’t wear your earrings as there is a lot of structural difference between a grown up’s ear lobes and that of the baby like,

  • The size of the ears 
  • The thickness of the ear lobes
  • The shape of earlobes also often undergoes slight modifications with age.

So, if you want to know what won’t suit your baby and what will refer to our next section.

What Kind Of Earring Backs Do I Buy?

Many earring backs can injure the soft ear lobes of your baby. 

  • An incorrect back could reduce the space needed for swelling. They can also trap bacteria and fungus causing more harm if it goes unnoticed for a prolonged period.
  • Skin flake deposit in the space and this is another problem that is quite common with and can cause a problem on earrings with  butterfly backs for example.
  • Lost earrings is a big problem too.  Children like to run, play and roll around resulting too often in a lost earring.
  • Finally, some backs leave the earring posts exposed, potentially pocking your child when sleeping or playing. 

Screw backs are the best option to ensure safety, reliability, and ease of use.

If you want your baby to wear only studs, choose threaded screw backs for maximum safety for your baby’s first pair of earrings.  Additionally, you could try push backs, huggies, or hoops since those have minimum protrusions and can protect your child’s ear lobes.


So, here’s your guide for what you must do and what you mustn’t while picking up your baby’s first earrings. Do your homework to make the experience exciting to ensure your baby's first earrings are a success!

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