Complete Guide on How to Pick Baby’s First Earring Set

June 27, 2023


When it comes to celebrating your little one’s milestones, nothing says ‘memorable’ like baby’s first earring set. It's a special moment that deserves a unique and carefully selected piece of jewelry.

However, choosing the perfect first pair can be a daunting task. This guide provides essential tips to help you pick a safe, stylish, and unforgettable earring set for your little star.

Understanding the Importance of Material Choice

When it comes to selecting baby’s first earrings, the material is of utmost importance. Babies have sensitive skin, so you need to choose materials that are hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals.

Consider the Material


Gold is a popular choice because of its hypoallergenic properties. 14K gold or 18K gold earrings are ideal, as they contain enough gold to prevent allergic reactions but also include other metals for strength and durability. 

Our 14k yellow gold is free of Lead, Nickel, and Cadmium which makes it hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skins.

925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, especially when coated with rhodium, is another excellent option. 

Our sterling silver is free of Lead, Nickel, and Cadmium which makes it completely safe for children of all ages

All our sterling silver jewelry is plated with rhodium, a precious metal in the platinum family, known for enhancing durability, appearance and making the sterling silver resistant from tarnishing.

Medical Grade Titanium or Steel

For babies with ultra-sensitive skin, medical-grade titanium or steel are perfect as they're hypoallergenic, durable, and affordable.

Choosing the Right Design

Baby’s first earrings should be simple, small, and comfortable. They also need to be easy to clean to prevent infections.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the best choice for babies. They sit flush against the earlobe, minimizing the chance of getting pulled or snagged.

Comfortable Backs

Earrings with a screw-back design are recommended for babies. They ensure the earring stays in place and reduces the risk of the baby removing or swallowing the earring.

Size and Weight

The earrings should be small and lightweight so they don't weigh down the baby's earlobe or cause discomfort.


Choosing your baby’s first earring set is a significant decision. Consideration for the material, design, and personal touches can make the difference between a good choice and a perfect one. With the right information, you can make a selection that ensures comfort, style, and memorable moments. Remember, the best baby jewelry isn't just about appearance, but also about safety, durability, and meaningfulness.

Discover a wide range of baby jewelry at our children's jewelry company, offering various styles to make your baby's first earring set a precious keepsake.


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