August Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

February 09, 2022

August Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

The world of Mercury and Sun is full of hope, strength, and finesse, and peridot is known as the birthstone for August.  Different August’s birthstones include peridot that tops the list, followed by sardonyx and spinel. Even though Mercury is all red and Sun is shiny golden, if you wonder what color is August birthstone then let us tell you that Peridot is green. The green is greener with increased iron as an impurity with this birthstone of August but, every  August birthstone color is green in a way no stone is. 

Peridot is a hard stone, and gifts for your wondrous baby could be shaped in the form of August birthstone rings or even as August birthstone necklaces. 

Now that you know what the August birthstone is, you must know a bit about it too.

The August birthstone is a lime hue of green, bearing a strong resemblance to emerald. However, despite their strong resemblance, the green color of this August birthstone is different from each other. Emerald is a deep, glowing, rich shade of green and the August birthstone is a pale, glittery, faint shade of green. Often a high amount of iron can make the August birthstone closely resemble emerald but still you will know one from the other due to their different shining element. The Three Holy Kings Shrine at Cologne Cathedral in Germany was decorated with 200 carats of peridot that people to date confuse with emerald, the August birthstone color resemblance is that close.  

More About the Meaning of August Birthstones 

The August birthstone is shaped deep inside the Earth mantle on the hot furnace that fuels the volcanoes. Egyptians or the followers of Ra believed that the August birthstone had the power to destroy the terrors of the night, which was hence known as the gem falling directly from the Sun. The unmatchable lime green glow of the August birthstone is derived from the iron in the gem.

The earliest peridots were found on a volcanic island, small enough on the Red Sea called Topazios. Revival of the August birthstone in the market happened with the discoveries in Pakistan, known as Kashmir peridots. In 1700, a meteor full of the August birthstone landed in Siberia, with the August birthstones being big enough to be made into jewelry. This gemstone of August has the oldest recorded gemstone history, with this August birthstone being found as early as 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. Peridot, the August birthstone has even been found on the Moon during their expedition and even on Mars.

Peridot is an August birthstone that promises a good night’s sleep and good health to its wearer. 

Spinel, on the other hand, is an August birthstone with a bright red to pink hue. Remedy for blood loss and inflammatory diseases, spinel as an August birthstone is wonderful for those suffering from these.

The most ancient August birthstone has been sardonyx, the one that comes in a band of colors and is marked as a beautiful birthstone of August.

With mystical and metaphysical qualities loaded in this August birthstone, the wearer can be blessed in many ways. If your child is born in August, then you can go ahead and give your child what it gives others- hope and kindness by gifting these August birthstones to them.

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