September Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It For Your Baby

February 09, 2022

September Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It For Your Baby

September birthstone is unmistakably the blue diamond that goes by the name of Sapphire. Though many of us know sapphire to be only blue, only a few know it comes in a rainbow of colors. Sapphire can be woven into amazing September birthstone necklaces and also into September birthstone earrings.

Are you in love with Sapphires? If you are not, are you wondering if there are other September birthstones? So what is the birthstone for September, other than emerald? The other September birthstones are also drop dead gorgeous.  

You can try peridot, alternatively known as chrysolite, and even the royal lapis lazuli for a change. Some people even feel carnelian to be the most beautiful birthstone for September born. 

Your baby is precious and what you can do, as a parent, is, show them all these four stones and let them choose for themselves. Often a September-born knows their September birthstones and the one they pick can be what they relate to. Your baby can choose for themselves since they are still connected to this earth.

A bit about the September Birthstone properties and their meanings

Emerald is a precious gemstone primarily made of aluminum oxide. Sapphires are 9 on the Mohs scale and are very durable. 

Spiritually they represent a sincere, faithful, and true heart. It protects harm of any kind and envious eyes seem to find no passage through a person who has a sapphire with him.

A man grows not old but wise with sapphire, so goes the saying.

Ordinarily, the Lord of sapphire is Saturn and you may wonder how it became a September birthstone? Usually, Saturn is believed to be a protector of Mercury. Thus, Saturn and Mercury go very well together and hence a Saturn ruled stone serves well as a September birthstone. 

The next in the lot is lapis lazuli; another blue stone with sparkling gold prints makes it unique. But do you know lapis lazuli is a rock and not a stone. However, these too, work beautifully as September birthstones.

Lapis lazuli is believed to be the stone of Saturn by some and that of Jupiter by others. Both these planets are harmoniously connected to the September born, and ruled by Mercury. Thus, it makes an awesome birthstone for September.

Peridot is also a gorgeous alternative for those born in September. This September birthstone is ruled directly by Mercury and brings a lot of spiritual benefit to the wearer. A soft green, the stone has vibrations as soothing as that of Mercury. Hence, it can be an awesome protective stone for your child- not only is it ruled by Lord Mercury but it is also green in color. The color green is auspicious for Gemini and Virgo and benefits the wearer.

You can also give them carnelian that is also a pale hue of red and works to strengthen the root chakra of our body.

If you have a September born at home, and you want to bestow them with the protective spells of the September birthstones, try one of these and your child can be invincible.

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