November Birthstone: Properties And Meaning Of Having It For Your Baby

February 19, 2022

November Birthstone: Properties And Meaning Of Having It For Your Baby

Kind, Creative, Generous and Athletic… the potential of November born babies are unfathomable and their intuitive powers are often unsurpassed. Hardworking and sociable, success is an inherent trait of these little geniuses. 

As parents to babies that are cut-out to stand out in the crowd, it is always thoughtful to present them with the November Birthstone… a unique gift that bears the power to complement and augment their personality way into adulthood. 

What is the Birthstone for November?

Lucky as they are, November born babies have an option to choose from two birthstones. Topaz and Citrine. Each of these gemstones are semi-precious and are known for bringing peace, calmness and fortune to the wearers. 

However, there are certain differences between the two November birthstones, understanding these differences can help you make the best choice for your baby.


Topaz is a silicate mineral of Aluminum and Fluorine that is characteristically colorless in its natural state. Presence of impurities in the mineral results in the brilliant yellow tones and other popular colors like pale blue, reddish orange, pale green and purple. 

Purchase tip: While choosing, shades of yellow is the best November birthstone color for Topaz. 

Did you know… according to Hindu Astrology, the word ‘Topaz’ is derived from the word ‘Tapas’, which means heat.


Sparkling brilliance and opulent hues are not the only properties that make topaz a precious little gift for your precious little someone. This gemstone is believed to possess magical properties that can influence health, prosperity and luck of the young wearers in a very positive way. 

And there’s more! It is believed that wearing a November birthstone can help in…

  • Warding off negative emotions like regret and anguish
  • Aiding clear thinking which helps in making better decisions
  • Controlling anger / aggression
  • Enhancing intelligence and happiness
  • Promoting mental health by calming anxiety and depression
  • Easing health conditions like gallstones, muscle cramps, stomach problems, liver disorders and diabetes
  • Balancing energy imbalances in the Stomach Chakra

Did you know…The November birthstone Topaz is also known as ‘the Stone of Communication’. It is believed that stone bears mystical powers to invite fateful encounters that often lead to something fantastic in the near future. 


Also known as ‘the Sun Stone’, Citrine gemstone derives its name from the Latin word ‘Citrina’ known for its pale yellow citrus color. Unlike Topaz which is available in shades of blue, green and purple, Citrine’s color chart is rather limited to shades of yellow, ranging between the golden to orangish scale.

Measuring 7 in the Moh scale, Citrine is sturdy enough to be crafted into jewelry suitable for everyday wear. Topped with a refractive index of 1.544 – 1.553, you wouldn’t miss out on its sparkling brilliance. 


Through ages, Citrine has been associated with creativity, strength, confidence, stability, success, prosperity, comfort and spiritual growth. Gifting Citrine to your November born baby can help in…

  • Developing unbreakable self confidence
  • Stimulating brain for enhanced intellect
  • Improving digestion
  • Enhancing absorption of nutrients
  • Developing optimism and positive feelings
  • Relieving fears, phobias and depression

Did you know… Citrine is deeply linked with activating and balancing the Solar plexus and Navel Chakras.

Over all else, Citrine is perfect for your child because it surrounds the little wearers with a positive, uplifting and healing energy. Given its inherent property of warding off negative energies, thisNovember birthstone gift can be like a protective talisman for your little one.


Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings… choose what you may; the grandeur of Topaz and Citrine will make every piece of baby jewelry worth your investment. Reputable online and offline jewelers offer a wide range of options that are both safe and style-friendly for your baby.

However, in terms of popularity, November birthstone earrings are more sought-after for baby girls. 

Purchase Advice… being a stone studded earpiece, it is best to opt for studs for your baby rather than hoops or dangles.

November birthstone necklaces are the new favorite among parents. While choosing the perfect piece for your baby, do check that the neckpiece is sturdy and of the perfect size to prevent hazards like choking.

Topaz bracelets are perfect for both baby boys and girls. Choosing simple designs on certified hypoallergenic metals will lead to a blissful gifting and wearing experience.

Topaz / November birthstone rings are perfect for baby girls and boys. Given that babies are curious and tend to put just about everything into their mouths, it is best to opt for robust designs with tough stone-securing along with hypoallergenic or, strictly precious metals (like gold / silver) that wouldn’t compromise your baby’s health or safety even if they bite on it. 

Final Thoughts

Toys, clothes, candies and balloons can bring an instant smile to your baby’s face. Birthstones, though, are known through centuries, to keep this happy confident smile intact, all throughout their life. If you are a parent to a November born child, the November birthstone of your choice will always make a thoughtful present that will retain its value for decades. 

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