What Is My Birthstone? Discover The Best Birthstone For Your Baby

February 19, 2022

What Is My Birthstone? Discover The Best Birthstone For Your Baby

Iridescence, Asterism, Opalescence, Chatoyance… There is something about the quaint mystical luster of gemstones that cannot escape the enthusiasm of the ever-curious human mind. Through centuries, the sparkle of pure opulence has been the key driving force behind adorning these vibrant, colorful clusters of minerals. However, there’s more to these absolute visual splendors that defy common understanding… enigmatic properties that have perpetuated their usage as Birthstones.

What Are Birthstones?

So, what exactly are birthstones? It is believed that birth months can influence behavioral traits, personalities, health, relationships, money and luck of little individuals in the making. Birthstones are gemstones associated very closely with birth months that bear specific properties to harmonize possible imbalances, bestow protection and surround the wearers with a soothing, protective and healing aura.

This is one of the most important reasons why more and more parents around the world consider birthstones by month a perfect gift for their little ones and those that are near and dear to them. 

If you are new to birthstones and are eager to find the best pick for you and your child. Here's a concise list to cut-short your search.

Birthstones by Month

What is my birthstone? Find out here…

  • January: GARNET, The Gem of Faith – Being used for over 5000 years, Garnet is counted among the most ancient gemstones on earth. 

Birthstone Properties – Garnet is closely associated with life, vitality, success, Eternal Happiness and healing. 

Available Colors – While deep red is the most popular, Garnet is also available in shades of green, yellow, purple, lavender and green.

Did You Know… Ancient warriors used to wear Garnet for quick healing of mind and body.

  • February: AMETHYST, The Gem that Combats Intoxication – Widely popular among Royals around the world, Amethyst is known as the gemstone that protects a person from surrendering to intoxication. 

Birthstone Properties – Amethyst is associated with Peace, Serenity and Royalty. It is also associated with self-control, strengthening of romantic relationships, clearing of mind for better decision making and promoting overall mental wellbeing.

Available Colors – While deep purple is the most popular color of Amethyst, the gemstone is also available in different shades of purple, arctic blue, and shades of pink.

Did You Know – Amethyst is named as the perfect present for a 6th Anniversary.

  • March: AQUAMARINE – The name ‘Aquamarine’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Aqua’ which means water and ‘Marina’ which means sea. 

Birthstone Properties – Aquamarine is associated with anger management, taming sporadic temper displays, relaxation, leveled thinking and protection from negativity.

Available Colors – Aquamarine is available in a range of sea blue, greenish blue and sky-blue tints. The colors intensify with the size of the gems. 

Did You Know… Ancient Romans believed that etching a frog on aquamarine can help ease differences between two belligerent parties and attract new friends. It is also named as the gift for a 19th Wedding anniversary.

  • April: DIAMOND; the Purest ‘C’ – Untamed, Unconquerable and Unyielding endurance, Diamonds signify unshakeable loyalty, purity, innocence and faith.

Birthstone Properties – As abirthstone of the month of April, diamonds bring peace and fulfillment in relationships. It also brings good fortune, health, abundance and happiness to the wearers while boosting self-esteem.

Available Colors – Diamonds are available in all colors of the rainbow, but clear/ colorless is still the most popular.

Did You Know… Being the hardest substance on Earth, only a Diamond can cut a Diamond.

  • May: EMERALD – Emerald signifies dependability, renewal, fresh start and security.

Birthstone properties – Emerald is deeply associated with retaining youth, fertility and bringing good fortune to the wearers. It is also believed that the minerals in emerald aid in curing physical ailments like bleeding, epilepsy, stomach issues, sinusitis, etc.

Available Colors – While deep green is the most popular color of emerald, the gemstone is also available in various shades of green ranging from yellowish green to bluish green.

Did You Know… Gemstone experts believe that the oldest emeralds could date back by 2.97 billion years!

  • June: PEARL – Dedicated to the Month of June, Pearl is the only precious gem that is produced by a living organism. 

Birthstone Properties – Pearls are deeply associated with long life, prosperity and purity. It helps wearers maintain their calm under any situation and instills positivity, courage, emotional stability and self confidence in them. 

Mystical healing properties of pearls make them perfect for children under the age of 12 that are prone to getting sick often. 

Available Colors – Natural pearls are mesmerizingly opalescent and come in colors like white, cream, grey, dark green, shades of pink and blue. 

Did You Know… The oldest pearl dates back to 520BC.

  • July: RUBY; ‘The King of Gems’ – Adorned in the crown by Emperors, Chief of Warriors and almost everyone in power through centuries, Ruby is associated with indomitable strength, integrity, success, contentment and protection from evil.

Birthstone Properties – As a birthstone, Ruby bestows wearers with heightened confidence, leadership qualities, improved focus, clear mind, improved mental health and creativity.

Available Colors – Rubies are essentially red and are available in shades of red ranging from pure blood red to pinkish – purplish red, brownish red etc.

Did You Know… Rubies are perfectly imperfect! Almost all real rubies have imperfection and this is how its genuineness is judged.

  • August: PERIDOT – Discovered in meteorites, Peridot is among the hand-counted gems that exist outside of our solar system.

Birthstone Properties – Peridot is closely associated with psychological healing, emotional strength, fortified immunity, good luck and protection from negative forces.

Available Colors – Peridot is universally olive green in color. They can be unpolished or polished to perfection… both of which are breathtaking.

Did You Know… A whopping 200ct Peridot adorns the Shrine of Three Holy Kings in Cologne Cathedral, Germany.

  • September: SAPPHIRE – Associated with introspection, self-realization and meditation, Sapphire is known for balancing the Crown Chakra in the human spiritual system.

Birthstone Properties – Sapphire as a birthstone is known for improving knowledge, skills and creativity. It is also known for protecting wearers from accidents and natural calamities making it a perfect gift for your little one. 

Available Colors – Sapphire is available in varied shades of blue, pink, yellow, orange, pink, violet, green and deep navy blue, which is the most popular among the rest. 

Did You Know… Sapphire has been linked through centuries with clairvoyance, psychokinesis and telepathy.

  • October: OPAL – The birth of opal is still a mystery, but the benefits it bestows on wearers of this gemstone are time tested.

Birthstone Properties – Opal as a birthstone promotes deep sleep, eases nightmares, helps in easing gastrointestinal issues, brings good reputation, fame, fortune and wealth to the wearers.

Available Colors – Opal is available in a spectrum of colors white being the most popular among all. Colorless, pink, blue, orange, red, black and combinations are desirable in kids’ and adult jewelry.

Did You Know… Opal is formed of hydrated silica and contains about 20% water!

  • November: TOPAZ – Linked with the planet Jupiter, Ancient Egyptians believed that thisbirthstone by month of November stores sunrays, giving it its typical yellow color.

Birthstone Properties – If you wish good luck, success and freedom from anxiety and fear for your November born child, Topaz jewelry will be the perfect gift.

Available Colors – While Yellow topaz is the most popular, the gemstone is also available in blue, purple, yellow, orange, grey, black and green.

Did You Know… The heaviest Topaz crystal weighs 600 pounds!

  • December:TURQUOISE – Blessed with mystical qualities, turquoise is known for losing its luster if the wearers are exposed to physical / mental threats.

Birthstone Benefits – Turquoise is linked with tissue revival, overall strengthening of body and mind; protection from pollution inflicted ailments, fortification of the immune system and elimination of toxins from the body.

Available Colors – Turquoise is available in shades of blue and blue green.

Did You Know… Tibetan children receive turquoise as gifts from their parents for safety and protection. 

What Color is My BirthStone? Here’s Your Answer

Given that gemstones associated with each month come in a variety of colors, it is necessary that you choose the right ones that compliment your aura. Here are two trusted ways you can find the right color of your birthstones …

  • Consult a professional – This can be an astrologer, aura / crystal healer or a gemstone expert. They can guide you in choosing the perfect birthstone colors based on your star sign, horoscope etc.
  • What is my Birthstone Quiz – A number of reputed online gemstone stores offer comprehensive quizzes that can help you pick the best options that suit your aura perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Birthstones by month by far, are the most thoughtful presents you can give to your children. With top online kids’ jewelry shops, you can find authentic gemstones in an array of child friendly jewelry options like earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and more at very affordable prices. 

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