March Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

June 29, 2022

March Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

March: the month of seasonal changes. 

Going by the holistic approach, March is a month that brings forth varying levels of challenges and happiness. March-born babies are deemed to have birthstones that are not just powerful but even protect and guard them through varied seasons.

In March you will find two birthstones, namely Aquamarine and Bloodstone. In this blog we will get an idea of the meaning and properties of both birthstones for babies.

March Birthstone Aquamarine

So, what is a March birthstone? Getting an idea of birthstones involves having a clear understanding of their color. Aquamarine is a modern March birthstone, a blue variant of beryl featuring luminescent crystals in the shape of hexagonal pillars.

The March birthstone color is turquoise, and it reminds people of the wonderful ice formations or stunning island paradise in the Arctic Circle. The iron content of this gem makes it appear like an ocean and thus the name Aquamarine.

The meaning of its name is seawater. As per legend, this gem came onto the seashore when the treasure troves of the mermaid overturned in the deep waters of the ocean. It is believed that Neptune sanctifies this gem, and thus it has the power of offering good fortune and protection for the ones who find it.

Courage, loyalty, and serenity are the main energies embodying the Aquamarine birthstone. Babies born in the month of March shall attract tranquility in their life by wearing this gem. The gem is also known for creating harmony among couples, and this is why it is the selected gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary.

It attracts great loyalty that can help maintain stability between couples and friends, and this stability is unwavering throughout several years. The serene energy of this gemstone has the power of calming the wearer leading him or her to possess the courage and the strength required for taking on different challenges in life. Thus, Aquamarine is also called the Stone of Courage.

Bloodstone- Yet Another Highly Effective March Birthstone

If you do not know what color is March birthstone Bloodstone then here’s the answer for you. This traditional March birthstone is also called heliotrope, and it comes in a bright red color. It is known for its red splatters, which are a result of its iron mineral content called hematite.

The Bloodstone birthstone for March is a chalcedony variety which is also a quartz type. It comes with some of the most magical properties. So, people practicing magic use this gemstone in the form of an amulet that protects against evil.

Bloodstone also comes with magical healing properties directly coming from the sun. That’s the reason why this gem has long been used for controlling bleeding, treating inflammation, and improving blood circulation.

March-born babies with this gem as their birthstone are quite fortunate. Bloodstone energy is perfectly aligned with Mars, the Roman war God that March is actually named after. And the gem’s ruling planet is also Mars. Earlier, Bloodstone was called Sun Stone, and it has this amazing ability to grant courage to the babies who wear it.

March-born babies can easily access the energy of this gem by keeping it close enough. It would be great for parents to have their babies wearing Bloodstone as jewelry. There is another option of placing the gem in the pocket of the baby’s clothes, or mothers can have it in their purses.

Bloodstone is one of the most powerful March birthstones with the ability to clean and purify both the body and the mind. This is highly beneficial not just for the babies born in the month of March but even for the others. Experts suggest buying Bloodstone for individuals who feel fatigued and stressed because it can help them acquire good energy.

Influence of the Aquamarine Birthstone on Individuals

  • The aquamarine birthstone has the calming effect of waves, and thus it is widely used by sailors looking for safety in the waters.
  • The gem brings in marital bliss.
  • Its light blue color instills trust, love, friendship, and harmony.
  • You can also use it to treat the thymus gland and cure ailments of the stomach. It even offers great relief from liver and throat troubles.
  • Aquamarine wearers gather good courage for making positive changes in their lives.

Influence of Bloodstone on Individuals

  • Bloodstone is used for stopping bleeding, specifically nosebleeds.
  • The gem even works as a protection against all kinds of evil, specifically the evil eye.
  • It helps in improving blood circulation.
  • Bloodstone wearers get the courage to fight against threats and bullying, and it works great on babies.
  • Bloodstone helps in increasing mental clarity resulting in improved decision-making.
  • The gem revitalizes the body and the mind.
  • It also brings in well-being and prosperity.
  • Bloodstone is highly advantageous for new mothers dealing with post-pregnancy problems.

Healing Powers of March Birthstones

The March birthstone Aquamarine awakens spirituality while Bloodstone comes with magical healing powers. Even Bloodstone instills wisdom and spirituality while bringing positive energy into a home. Both these March birthstones aid in meditation and have a calming effect on the body and mind of the wearer.


Regardless of which March birthstone you select for your baby to carry or wear, you can remain assured of the fact that it will cleanse your baby’s aura; align his or her chakras, and keep your baby protected and safe always.

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