October Birthstone: Properties And Meaning Of Gifting It To Your Baby

July 12, 2021

October Birthstone: Properties And Meaning Of Gifting It To Your Baby

Incredibly charming, positive, intelligent, kind, empathetic and collected… these are only a few among the innumerable sublime personality traits that your October Born child is already blessed with. Exceptional as they are, the gift you choose to celebrate their presence in your life should be equally unique. 

And could there be anything more singular and meaningful than the October Birthstone… the Opulent Opal.

Birthstone for October – Properties That Make It Special:

SiO2.nH2O or Hydrated form of Silica as described by science, is actually a treasure trove of inexplicable rather mysterious properties that have baffled humans throughout centuries. Adorned by the Blue Bloods and revered as ‘Divine’ by tribes from across the world, opal is often more unique than diamonds. 

Astrological Properties and Colors –Birthstone for October, Opal belongs to the Water element and has Venus as its ruling Planet. This kaleidoscopic beauty is perfectly compatible with the zodiac signs of Libra and Scorpio. However, people born under the star signs of Cancer and Pisces can also benefit from the properties of this gemstone.

The brilliance of Opal lies in its color exuberance. In fact, it is among the rarest of gems that embodies almost all colors of all gemstones put together. Shades of pink, white, yellow, blue, green, purple, red, orange and brown are some of the popular colors that jewelers use in October birthstone jewelry.

Fun Fact Did you know, that ancient Romans considered Opal as a symbol of good fortune and hope. They regarded Opal as the Queen of Gemstones.

Healing and Health Properties of October Birthstone

Health and healing properties of Opal have been recognized through centuries. Many believe that this mystical stone has a mind of its own when it comes to warning wearers about health and emotional fluctuations. 

Strange but true… Innumerable wearers have noticed that the luster of Opal alters with changes in emotional and physical health of those adorning it. Individuals gaining health and happiness often experience enhanced luster in Opal without any polishing whatsoever. 

On the other hand, people losing health and emotional stability may witness their October birthstone color getting dull. 

It is believed that the direct benefits of wearing October Birthstone Jewelry as experienced by many wearers include…

  • Strengthened eyesight
  • Improved memory (recalling and retention)
  • Blood and kidney purification
  • Aiding insulin regulation
  • Improved heart, lungs and spleen functioning 
  • Effective anger control 
  • Release of inhibitions
  • Enhancement of cosmic consciousness
  • Stimulation of creative potentials 
  • Enhancement of personality attributes like loyalty and charm
  • Protection against infections and fevers

Fun Fact Black opal is one of the rarest gems on earth and may cost as much as a diamond of equal carats.

October Birthstone Jewelry – Meaning Of Gifting It To Your Baby:

The ‘meaning of a gift’ is seldom defined by its price tag… it is often the ‘thoughts’ that count. Therefore, when you gift your October born baby with an October birthstone necklace or ring or earring for that matter, you are actually blessing them with…

  • a sense of calm and security
  • protection against negative energies
  • abundance and comfort in lifestyle 
  • retention of innocence and purity in heart and soul and…
  • increased self-worth and innate drive towards liberty of the mind and soul… as your baby grows 

Fun Fact Did you know, Opal is one among the only two gemstones of Earth-Origin that has been discovered on Mars as well?! The other is Peridot.

Be it an October birthstone ring, studs or pendants, this piece of transcendental uniqueness will always be valued and revered by your children for decades to come, if not passed on to the following generations as heirloom. 

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