Stylish Screw Back Earrings for Babies & Toddlers

July 06, 2021

Stylish Screw Back Earrings for Babies & Toddlers

Are you considering going to the jewelers, and are wondering what you should look for in an earring? 

Rarely do customers take into consideration the backing of an earring when making a decision.

Especially when purchasing an earring for a small child, it is important to look at the details in the backing in order to prevent discomfort. In our opinion screw backs are the safest and the most comfortable to carry.

Before screw backs, the era of modern jewelry began by experimenting with many kinds of clasps. The Screw back was invented in 1894 allowing women without pierced ears to wear earrings, and was a hit within jewelry pieces for different age ranges ever since.

The name, ‘screw back earring,’ gives away its mechanism. Screw-backs will always have a screw and a threaded post. While it takes a lot of patience to screw the back into the threaded post, it is one of the safest mechanisms to keep your earrings from falling off. 

Screw-back earrings mostly have a smaller clasp that conveniently slips into smaller ears. This allows for children and women with smaller ears to find a sense of security with the snug fit of this design.

Screw backs are now made from different metals- gold, silver, and platinum. 

Thus, jewelers and buyers prefer screw backs over any other when it comes to valuable earrings like your diamond studded earrings or the vintage screw back earring collection of your grandmother. The sole reason is their enhanced security that can safely tuck your earrings away while you’re wearing them.

Young and growing girls screw back earrings are slowly climbing the popularity charts as they give freedom to their wearer. Young girls almost always have an active life and most often, can accidentally injure their ears while playing or practicing sports and gymnastics. Children’s screw-back are also quite a favorite, as screw backs are the best way to fasten them safely in place.

Over time, the screw backs have also changed forms and patterns; they are more stylishly and aesthetically designed with your comfort in mind now as compared to their past varieties. 

Most health experts advise parents to pierce their newborns after their tetanus vaccines are completed. Experts also advise screw-back stud earrings for children so that the earring does not come off as easily and does not get lost in their cribs. Children must be given screw-back stud earrings since they can easily injure their ears by tugging on earrings with a looser fit; such as hoops or huggies. 

For those who suffer from arthritis or mobility problems, screw backs may not be a great choice as grasping the smaller than normal back and pushing it through the post gently can be difficult.

Next time, you wish to gift your growing girl a pair of earrings, try the stylish screw back earrings.

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