Myths About Children's Jewelry Which Are Completely Wrong

August 18, 2021

Myths About Children's Jewelry Which Are Completely Wrong

Children’s jewelry is nothing short of grace, elegance and style in today’s world. But, often not all well-crafted fine children’s jewelry sits well with the customers. Underlying myths often prevent people from buying some of the finest collections of children’s jewelry.

In this segment you would find answers to some of the most common myths that refrain people from buying some wonderful pieces of kid’s jewelry.

Never Gift Pearls To Children

Kid’s jewelry decked with pearls when gifted would bring sadness to its wearer goes the myth. Children as well as adults must not be gifted pearls is what is believed by a few. 

There is nothing that can look more beautiful than pearls on your baby. Doesn’t the soft pearly sheen match your baby’s skin well? So do not hesitate using pearls to craft fine children’s jewelry for your children.

Gifting Opals Is Definitely Not Favorale

Opals were valued more than diamonds at one time. It was under such competition that this confusion was injected into the minds of the commoner who were quite intrigued by the stone’s colorful lustre. What started as negative advertisement got carried over through centuries as a myth.

Don't let this old mythology created to sell more diamonds keep you from gifting some of the most beautify children's jewelry pieces around.

Gifting Heirloom Jewelry To Your Children Can Bring Bad Fortune

Ancient times were undoubtedly difficult. Possessing real, priceless jewelry often had stories of blood and war written on them. 

Customarily, many guardians passed on to their their kids, jewelry that once belonged to their great-great grandmothers. If something similar befell on the child and thus caused people to create such myths.

Hence, even now many homes don’t gift old jewelry to their children, instead, simply passes it forward as a treasure.

But we would say it’s just a myth, as no jewelry can carry the bruises of the past with or on them. 

Darker Colored Diamonds Must Not Be Moulded Into Children’s Jewelry

It is often believed that children’s jewelry should not contain diamonds with darker inclusions. A clear, dazzling diamond is often synonymous to a child’s brilliant fortune. 

It’s a myth again, for a colored diamond as part of your fine children’s jewelry collection can be as stunning as its colorless counterparts. What if it brings in a healing wavelength into your child’s life? Thus, never hesitate to gift a gem you like even if it means a darker colored diamond.

Gifting Your Child, A Waist or Belly Chain Can Help Their Growth 

It is a myth since a waist chain became a part of children’s jewelry when someone spread this myth that a belly chain can give your girl child a thin waistline.

We've all heard some variations of silly myths that were carried down through our great grandparents.  Like all other myths surrounding children's jewelry, this one is an obvious one ignore.

Myths have many origins and not even one stands real today. Believing in them is like sticking to a past one does not know so well. Do not shop by myths for your children’s jewelry collection, instead go by what your heart desires.  Children's jewelry is loved by most in our current culture, so go ahead and shower them with jewelry and love.

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