February Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

June 25, 2022

February Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

Birthstones are stones aligning with the birth month of individuals. They are known to be associated with giving you prosperity and luck while attracting good vibes simultaneously. But that's not all that they do. They are connected with the zodiac sign of people and are thus worn as rings, pendants, and necklaces across the world.

Are you a February born girl, or are you shopping for one? What is the birthstone for February? It's the Amethyst birthstone- rich in meaning, history, and properties!

About February Birthstone- Amethyst

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is a member of the quartz family. This February birthstone color can range from the deepest purple to the palest lilac. Amethysts in vibrant, rich, and intense purple colors are considered to be the most precious ones and are also the most preferred choice for jewelry buyers. Nevertheless, the light lavender amethysts, called the Rose of France, are also rising in popularity.

Classified as semi-precious stones at present, amethysts were held as precious gems earlier. Donned by the reigning kings and queens, Egyptian Pharaohs, and the Cardinals of churches, these gorgeous gemstones shared the title of one of the five main Cardinal gems, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds.

A February birthstone ring or a February birthstone necklace makes the perfect gift for women born any time of the year and not just the February babies. This stunning birthstone February is also featured in many fine jewelry designs and makes a popular choice for special occasions and fashion jewelry.

Physical Properties of Amethyst

  • One of the most significant physical properties of amethyst is its temperature adjustability. Quite surprising, right? Yes, it tends to adjust with the body temperature of the wearer. And in doing so, it provides the wearer's body with whatever it requires for proper healing.
  • As has already been mentioned, amethysts are available in different colors ranging from pastel lavender and pink to deep purple. However, the strong reddish-purple shade of amethyst is considered the most valuable color. February birthstone rings made of lavender amethysts look stunning when beautifully complemented with diamond accents. The majority of the amethysts have good clarity without any inclusions to the naked eye. You can find them in different carat weights and cuts.
  • Amethyst crystals can be massive, weighing above 100 pounds.
  • This February, birthstones can be found across the world, but the largest quantities come from cavities and fractures in Uruguay and Brazil. Even Arizona boasts of some of the greatest quantities of amethyst. Even Australia and Sri Lanka have these precious gemstones in their mines.
  • Much is not known about the formation of amethyst. After an active volcano erupts, its lava makes its way to the earth's crust. Gas bubbles from this lava get to the earth's surface before the lava hardens. Most of the time, these gas bubbles get trapped in the lava and cool down initially. And this is the beginning of the creation of amethyst. And after several years, when the gas condenses with time, a precious and beautiful stone is formed.

Meaning of Having Amethyst for Your Baby

Derived from amethysotos, the Greek word meaning sober, this February birthstone is called the Master Healer for its amazing healing properties. The people of medieval times greatly believed in its protective powers. They believed that amethysts stopped them from getting poisoned, protected them from the effect of alcohol, and even helped the hunters capture prey. They also believed that it helped the soldiers during battles and kept them safe on their path to victory.

Today, this February birthstone is believed to have special qualities to aid physical, mental, and spiritual healing. So, if you are getting it for your baby, it will have some of the most amazing benefits on offer. Let's have a look at them below: 

  • Stress Reliever: Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that can be used for calming and soothing a stressed and strained mind. It can also help with mood swings. The stone also helps in dispelling rage, fear, anxiety, and anger while soothing irritability at the same time. 
  • Spiritual Anecdote: This February birthstone comes loaded with spiritual properties. It possesses this amazing potential of detoxifying the habits of an individual and an individual on the whole. It cleanses a person's soul by boosting the psychic potential of the person wearing it.
  • Protective Gemstone: This February birthstone possesses some of the most useful qualities for stimulating positive bodily reactions. Hence, it keeps an individual completely invested and focused on their surroundings. It even protects its wearer from all kinds of perilous addictions in case of over-indulgence.
  • Sleep Inducer: February-born individuals with insomniac issues can get good amounts of peaceful sleep by wearing amethyst. The stone helps in inducing peaceful sleep at night and even remembering and understanding their dreams. Amethyst helps develop a healthy sleep cycle that revolves around the 8 hours of sleep requirement.
  • Hormone producer: Amethyst has the capability of boosting the immunity of a person by balancing their endocrine system with the healthiest hormones. It helps the human body in eliminating and fighting diseases. It purifies the blood and thus reduces psychological, emotional, and physical stress or pain. It is highly beneficial for people suffering from respiratory tract diseases, lungs, and different skin conditions. Amethyst also soothes disorders in the cells and digestive system problems.

Other Important Healing Properties of Amethyst That Can Be a Boon for Your Baby Include:

  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Enhances the feelings of mental strength and stability
  • Reduces negativity
  • Helps with meditation
  • Removes all body toxins
  • Improves overall health


Amethyst- the February birthstone is a beautiful stone that comes loaded with great meaning. For a large number of people, this birthstone signifies the month in which they were born, while for the others, its purple regality and magnificence pass up aesthetically. The deep lore of this gem inspires many people, while many love it for its healing powers.

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