May Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

June 13, 2022

May Birthstone: Properties & Meaning of Having It for Your Baby

May birthdays are celebrated in Spring- that month of the year that brims with energy and hope. Emerald is the perfect gemstone representing and celebrating this month. Popular for its brilliant and gorgeous green color, emerald is the favorite May birthstone an ideal statement jewelry during special events.

This precious green birthstone for May has been revered since the Incas conquered the Andes Mountains; the emperors ruled India, and Cleopatra controlled Egypt. The lustrous green hue of this birthstone May stands as the symbol of abundance and wealth, wisdom and success, and passion and love.

What Is The Birthstone For May?

For several years, the birthstone of May has been the beautiful emerald. This enchanting green gemstone boasts of a rich history with different religions and cultures across the world, starting from the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz to the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

The main objective of assigning emerald as the May birthstone has something to do with the spring season. May is the spring month in the northern hemisphere, and the healthy green glow of this stone closely resembles the beautiful flora associated with the month of Spring.

What Color Is May Birthstone?

Green is the May birthstone color that brings the sight of hummingbird wings and rolling hills to the minds of individuals. The rich forest green shade of emerald is not just magical but opulently earthy as well.

The luxurious green hue of this gemstone comes from the exclusive blend of chemicals that mingle under the surface of the Earth. True emerald is formed when chromium, iron, and vanadium mix on the Earth’s surface, triggering a strong chemical reaction. Chromium and vanadium are primarily responsible for the extraordinarily intense and deep shade of green found in emeralds.

Pliny the Elder, a Greek philosopher and naturalist, claimed that no green is greener than the gorgeous emerald stone. The Grecians loved emeralds, and Queen Cleopatra from Egypt was also fond of them as she adorned herself lavishly with emeralds. She even popularized the stone during her reign in 330 B.C.

The Meaning of Having Emerald for Your Baby

A number of positive symbols and meanings around the emerald birthstone hold up innumerable belief systems and cultures across the world. The green color of emerald is often linked with fertility, vitality, and wealth.

Earlier, Egyptians offered emeralds to their deities as a symbol of rebirth, while some would wear the stone in the form of a talisman for bringing protection or fortune. The Romans associated the color of emerald and even the gem closely with Venus, the Goddess of love. They used to believe that emeralds appease the Goddess, and in exchange, the Goddess would shower them with love, friendship, luck, and fertility.

One of the most popular jewelry gifts for 25th and 30th anniversaries in the West, emeralds serve as the global symbol of health, good fortune, and prosperity. Emeralds help with physical conditions such as restoring exhausted travelers, resisting devils, and eliminating impatience from the human body. In the middle ages, innumerable royal jewelry and crowns were adorned with this precious gemstone.

At present, emeralds are popular across the world for the immense beauty they possess. They are one of the most powerful stones for patience and manifestation. The ones born in May wear emerald birthstone ring, broaches, and necklaces to feel an affinity with the positive vibes and properties of this valuable stone.

Healing Properties and Benefits of the May Birthstone

Though emerald is rich in its color and is immensely beautiful, you cannot ignore its healing properties and benefits, which are as follows:

  • If you go through history, you will find that many healers use this gorgeous stone as a form of spiritual guidance and medicine.
  • Ancient healers believed that placing an emerald under one’s tongue could ward off evil spirits, and the speaker would only be able to speak the truth. It was only because, in the older times, people would place Emeralds under the tongue of an untruthful lover suspected of adultery.
  • Emerald is widely appreciated in old healing practices for its natural enhancement of wealth and health. Carrying emeralds can benefit wearers through increased eloquence and vitality of speech.
  • Legend has it that emeralds also allow the wearers to foretell the future.
  • In times before the introduction of modern medicine, emeralds were used for curing diseases like malaria and cholera.
  • From the modern perspective, emeralds are easy on the eyes and have the potential to heal retina-associated ailments while improving memory at the same time.
  • Emerald is also linked to the heart chakra and is considered to have healing effects on the emotional and physical heart.
  • The stone brings loyalty while enhancing unconditional love and unity. It even promotes friendship and if you want to bolster the balance in your relationship, keep emeralds close to your body.

Emerald Gift Inspiration

With an assortment of jewelry designs, emeralds can easily be set in most items that you can wear for special occasions and events.

  • Emerald gemstones can be found in different shapes and sizes. These gemstones in fancy shapes like round and oval can be best used for making engagement rings. Not to mention, you will get them in exclusive quality and different shades of green. Particularly speaking, emerald engagement rings with a white halo of gorgeous diamonds at the center create an exclusively striking finish and effect.
  • Emerald necklaces are also in good demand these days. Oval and round necklaces with good quality engraving look great and offer a personalized appearance for any occasion.


So, now you know what is May birthstone. Further, you must know that the emerald is a stone that preserves passion and love in romantic relations. It stands as the symbol of energy and hopes while representing the future at the same time. People who wear emerald can hope to feel its power of peace, growth, renewal, and tranquility.

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