How to Choose the Right Type of Butterfly Earrings for Kids?

July 13, 2021

How to Choose the Right Type of Butterfly Earrings for Kids?

Babies have sensitive ears, therefore choosing the appropriate earrings always seems to be a hassle. Although there are plenty of options to choose from in baby earrings, searching for the perfect pair for my little one is never easy. If you are looking for the perfect first pair of earrings for your little one, you can’t go wrong with a pair of dainty butterfly earrings.So how do you choose the right pair of earrings? Here are some things to look out for to help you invest in the right ones. 

Choosing Beautiful Butterfly Earrings 

  • Quality - When choosing a pair of baby earrings online or in store, the quality of your purchase should be the most important factor you should take into consideration. There are the obvious choices of 14k and 18k Gold for children, but if you are being a bit more budget conscious you can always opt into a pair of earrings crafted from Sterling Silver. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for a baby’s delicate skin, allowing you to remain worry free about your baby's ears.  
  • Design  - There are plenty of designs suitable for children when it comes to butterfly earrings. In regards to the safety and wellbeing you can choose between a huggie/hoop design that clasps in the back for a more secure grip. Or you can choose a pair with safety screw backings. Screw back earrings are exactly what they sound like, they have a tight threaded feature where you can screw the back of the earring to fasten it closed. This allows the baby to have extra comfort behind their ears, as well as it adjusts the earring to remain secured in place.  
  • Size - Earrings come in various sizes, some are often considered to be too big for children in a way where it would be uncomfortable to wear. Some aspects to take into consideration when thinking about sizing are; how big is the actual earring? and how heavy will they be on my baby's ears? When it comes to the actual size of the earrings it is always best to choose a pair that is under 8 mm, anything above this amount will start becoming more and more uncomfortable for the baby to wear. This in turn will result in a more light-weighted option for your  baby's first pair of earrings.

Things To Look For When Buying Baby Earrings Online

If you are considering shopping for a pair of butterfly earrings for babies online and do not know where to begin searching, here is a quick guide to help you invest in the right business.

Read Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews should be customary when making an online purchase. This allows you to grasp an understanding on the quality of the item as well as the overall view of the business you are purchasing from. The “mom community” is great in this instance, they are quick to provide their opinions on an item's safety and quality for the general well being of the customer and their children. Since you are lacking a physical touch when purchasing an item online, reviews are a great way to piece together all the information you are being given.

Shipping And Return Options 

When it comes to purchasing items online that are more of an investment, it is always best to check out their shipping and return policies before making your purchase. If you are unhappy with the way an item looks or feels when it arrives you should be able to make a quick and easy return or exchange. So read up on these policies before fully committing to a brand of baby earrings.

Materials Used

Check out what materials are being used in the creation of your child's jewelry collection. Although they might be costly, Gold and Silver options will be the safest bet when choosing. With the cost comes the security of your baby not receiving any side effects or discomfort.

Quality of Item 

There are many products online that sacrifice quality for cost. Although the cheaper option may be cute for your baby's next photo shoot or a day at the zoo, it is important to understand that they will not necessarily be the safest. Take a look into online stores that offer a variety of high-quality and affordable options. In Season Jewelry is a reliable online retailer for children’s jewelry, it offers an excellent range of options carefully crafted for kids, that remain within a reasonable budget.

Happy Purchasing from In Season Jewelry 

At In Season Jewelry, we give preference to our customers' experience. We have a variety of earrings and jewelry pieces for children that guarantee happiness with every purchase. We aim to make every purchase from our store packed with happiness that is worth investing in. With years of experience we have been able to craft a variety in designs and colors as well as suitable pieces for different ages and walks of life. Each jewelry item is quality tested before it is ready to be sold online. 

If you are having a hard time choosing the best option for your child, our team is available  to help you choose the right option within your budget for your princess. 

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