How To Measure My Wrist Size Before Buying A Bracelet?

June 17, 2014

How To Measure My Wrist Size Before Buying A Bracelet?

Bracelets are the best accessories that can be added to any adult or children's jewelry collection. The origin of these pieces can be traced back to 40 000 BP. The Greek word "brachile is the source of the word "bracelet" which means "of the arm."

Ancient bracelets were typically made of animal teeth, wood, stones, and bones. In certain cultures, bracelets serve spiritual and religious interests, while there are cultures where they are considered a symbol of class.

You might have heard of the popular Scarab Bracelet in history, symbolizing ancient Egypt. The Egyptians consider it to be a representation of restoration and rebirth. That was all about bracelets.

Measuring Wrist Size for Bracelet

Now coming to the point of how to measure wrist size for bracelet, there are several important points to understand. Here, we will be discussing the right way to measure the wrist size of a child or a grown-up for a bracelet.

First of all, if you want to have the perfect bracelet in children's 14k gold jewelry, you must ensure that it offers the perfect fit. But before that, you must know that the guidelines on measuring wrist size for bracelets will be the same for both children and grown-ups. 

Nevertheless, when looking for bracelets in the category of fine children's jewelry, you must ensure the item is sufficiently loose to dangle and move nicely on top of your child's hand. At the same time, you must also ensure it is tight enough, so it does not fall off your kids' hands.

Ordering bracelets in the personalized children's jewelry section will be easier for you if you have the correct wrist size. Here you will find easy instructions on how to measure wrist size properly so as to ensure a perfectly fitting bracelet.

Measuring Wrist Size for Bracelets with Locks and Regular Chain Bracelets

Three things can help you in measuring your wrist for varied bracelet sizes. They are a strip of paper, string, and measuring tape. You can use any one of these to get the perfect measurement for bracelets. But make sure the paper is long enough to go around your child's or your wrist. The steps are as follows:

  • Using the measuring tape, simply measure right above the wrist bone. You can do this by wrapping the tape around the wrist bone. Some suggest this measurement for the charm bracelets and the other varieties, but it works for all bracelet and bangle sizes
  • For bracelets you are looking to drape across the top of the hand, measure from the point where the wrist meets the hand. Now add a half-inch allowance.
  • Take note or mark the section where your measuring tape overlaps. Add around ¼ or 1 inch in between based on whether you want to wear the bracelet tight or loose. Generally, people add half inches to the actual wrist size for getting the perfect and most comfortable fit.
  • In case you are using a string or a strip of paper for measuring your wrist, lay it completely flat on any surface and then measure the wrist length from the starting point till the end mark that you have made earlier. Then add desired inches to the measurement as well as adding an allowance.

If you go by expert recommendations, it would be good to know the average bracelet sizes first and then move on with the measurements. This goes well when you are purchasing bracelets online.

Also, once you are done with the measurement using a paper or a tape measure, try experimenting with varied inch allowances. This is important because if you buy a bracelet that is the same length as the size of your wrist, you might end up getting a small-sized bracelet.

Remember, you need a bit of slack accounting for the thickness of the beads and fastening the clasp. This requires adding more length. Also, move it up and down and around along the wrist to make sure it is comfortable.

Based On The Fit, Add These Allowances to the Size of Your Wrist:

  • Comfort fit: add between ¾ and 1 inch.
  • Snug fit: add between ¼ and ½ inches.
  • Loose fit: add between 1 and 1 ¼ inches.

This is a simple procedure. Simply wrap the measured paper strip or string around the wrist and join or tape the edges. Now feel whether you are comfortable or not.

Why is it Important to Find the Right Bracelet Size?

You need to ensure that you find a bracelet in the right size. Bangle bracelet sizes are available in varied forms like large, small, and medium.

The sizes can even be large, standard, and petite. Also, some pieces might be available in just one size. These are items designed to be completely adjustable.

Choosing the Perfect Bracelet Size for Someone Else

So, you have plans of buying a bracelet as a birthday gift or a present for the wedding of your loved one. Now what? How do you go about choosing the right-sized bracelet? Of course, you cannot ask them for their wrist size. If you do so, then your present would no longer be a surprise. In that case, the best is to go for an adjustable variety.

You can also find bracelets that feature magnetic clasps. Hence, they can be fastened very easily, especially for the ones who want snug-fitting bracelets. Nevertheless, these will not be adjustable. If you want the wearer to be flexible with the size adjustments, go for bracelets that come with standard clasps.

The Bottom Line

If you love the idea of wearing bracelets to accentuate varied attires but have worries about their fitting, go through a bracelet size guide. This will help you in finding bracelets that match the size of your wrist. 

Make sure you wear and even adore the beauty of your brand new bracelet the moment you get it by taking the right measurement of your wrist.


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